What I find odd is they only made 6 episodes per season, and each season was aired 2 YEARS apart. She confronts her mother about the lies she told the police about her death. Then it was just brushed aside. There whole season felt more muddled, and it was hard to remember why I was suppose to care about the characters. Glitch was one of my favorite series non the less though, wish it had another season! Great question! Elishia has returned, so James, Kate, and Kirstie grill Elishia for answers but she claims ignorance, blaming Noregard for everything. Thanks for the in-depth comment/analysis. They were in and out all through the shift, with boxes of ballots just sitting on tables. James and William reunite with the Risen. It was very difficult to remember what was going on. At this time, it appears that Raf dies and comes back to life. -No one from the government has yet asked for her statement. At least, this is what I believe. Kate still wants to live and Kirstie is scared. It had plenty of flaws and anyone who says otherwise isn’t telling the truth. lol. Carlo speaks only Italian; he realizes who he is late in the episode and begins talking about his brother Alessandro. I was invested in these characters & unless there’s a return of at least a couple from this era I can’t say I’d be interested. Charlie intends to go back to Melbourne with Raf. Sarah finds Charlie and tries to kill him but suffers a haemorrhage. The Noregard people had Phil’s body in a body bag. Sergeant James Hayes is called to the cemetery late at night to find six naked, filthy, disoriented people. You see that when she spies on her friend and assumed that her friend was in on it only to discover she was raped too. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Chris's brother is the one that killed Kirstie. Just didn’t seem to matter. So I put it out here because I know you’ll be interested in it, based on a write-up from someone who did watch the interview: -She is naming names. Giuliani does refer to the dominion whistleblowers in the video however. The series could have continued with story arc’s following newly risen characters, as it did in season 3 with Belle and Chi. Only unanswered question I have was Nor-guard punished etc. They all rendezvous at the cemetery while the fire blazes around them. I felt that the season was very good. Beau tells James about Paddy, who turns to dust. Am I the only one who thought this though??? There was no oversight of them. Why didn’t he disintegrate when he died like James and William? Having Sarah be pregnant was the only way James could remain loyal to her, as even Sarah admitted to Kate that she knew James would never get over Kate. I think her question is why disintegrate? I thought this was weird too. She eats the food quickly and prepares for a future escape attempt. He confided to her that they were not even trained, they thought they were coming in to clean, but were then told to run machines. What about the woman Willam met in melbourne? Maybe. They are determined to find out who they are and what has happened to them. Ash I agree that is what I took from the series too. He had the whistle from the beginning. I came to care about the characters and suppose that is in part why I found the series finale disappointing. I can see why many were disappointed. Nia never died. She was an observer in Michigan who was there to assist if machines malfunctioned. As the episode comes to a close, Maria is crying at her daughter's tomb, and Vic approaches her saying that he has been looking for her to help her. The first series was made available to stream on Netflix globally on 15 October 2016. Glitch -CA, Glitch-UK, Glitch-US, etc. Belle remembers climbing the Water Wheel with her siblings. James discovers that Sarah is like Phil and is working with him. It has absolutely been double edged. They learn that a fire has broken out and it is coming towards Yoorana. The second series premiered on 14 September 2017 on ABC. They go into Raf’s room and it appears that they have sex. Agree. They disintegrate right before Chris’ eyes. Hopefully people are watching it a lot on the streaming services. Whatever was being unloaded from the vans went out their back doors and up the stairs. On the way to the jail, James tries to convince Chris and Kate to change their minds. After a struggle with James, Phil is shot by Sarah, but before dying he raises James’ gun and kills Sarah.