Look for hooks at the bottom or other means to ensure that the grill cover stays in place. This article will cover some of the best covers for this grill. Strength is of the utmost importance when getting a grill cover. It has a beautiful appearance and features good stitching for a beautiful finish. Grill Covers for Weber Genesis – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide! Many people believe that they should reach far into their pockets to get a good machine. You can order the cover that fits your model by clicking on the item number in the the table below or by using our grill identifier tool here. With these benefits accruing from having a grill cover, you probably want to get the first cover that works for your Weber Genesis. Cleaning this cover is an easy process and you can hose it down as needed. Furthermore, this grill cover has air vents that ensure that condensation does not take place. This cover would be ideal for people with Weber Genesis and Genesis II models. Its extra features make it suitable for use in windy and hot areas. You can work with the elastic hem cord to find the fit that works best for your grill. This grill cover works with Weber Genesis 300 series. On the handles exists pads to offer comfort to the user. While cheap options may be attractive right now, they will not afford you the convenience that durable builds can. As such, you must ensure that the material in use is strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions while keeping microorganisms out. However, you should note that a cover cannot prevent normal wear and tear. Q: How will I know what will fit my grill? This cover is of 600D oxford fabric with a PVC layer in place. Q: How long will this grill cover last? Q: How long should I expect this cover to last? You cannot keep the rain from falling, but you can control how it affects your grill. Which are the best grill covers for weber genesis? The grill will work better if it stays intact, and if you find one with ropes and other such features, consider buying it. You can leave it out in the sun to dry, and this will not affect its performance. It, however, will not work for the Silver C grill and the Genesis II E 410. All the best in this selection process! A: Measure the depth from the front to the back of the grill, the height from the ground to the top and the width across your grill. They also work in hanging and storing the cover. Not only will it resist water and UV rays, but it will also resist rips. Having a good grill cover in place is an easy way to protect your grill. You can hose it down with water as often as is necessary and dry it before using it again. Well, the cover will protect the grill and will keep it working for years on end. This cover is of premium heavy-duty polyester fabric. What comes to mind when you think of a good grill? And at other times, it is up to the person operating the grill to ensure that the crisp is perfect. Best Vertical Smokers: Expert Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQ! The Silver B is a three burner grill with the burner controls on the right side of the grill. Velcro straps on the side make handling this cover easy. Weber Genesis Silver C, Gold, 2000-5000 Cover. Many people cannot get enough of grilled food. Also, the circulation of air ensures that moisture does not settle on the grill, and this prevents rusting. How to Clean Blackstone Griddle After Cooking? At such times, the development of mold and mildew on the surface is quite likely. It is better to buy a grill cover and avoid unforeseen costs. It also works for other popular brands. In this case, you will rely on polyester fabric that has a high resistance to high temperatures and water. Getting the best option will ensure that you can postpone that trip to the store for many years. This grill cover works for grills with three to four burners. Allow the grill to cool down then place the cover on top, else you will reduce the quality of the cover. But before you do that, you should consider the following determinants: You want to use a grill cover with a perfect fit; else, you will leave space for the entry of microorganisms and water. If you have a Genesis II four-burner grill, this cover can work for you. As such, look into the shape and size of your grill, and match these dimensions with your cover of choice. Also, cleaning it is easy and all you need to do is to hose it down now and then. Not only is it affordable, but it is also of high quality and will serve you for a long time. Polyester fabric material; Measures 60” L x … It is thus essential that you check its suitability before making a purchase. However, a good cover will not lose its strength in this manner and will serve you for many years to come. You have invested a lot of money in buying the grill. Ensure that you get the dimensions of your grill to get a perfect fit. Q: Will this cover work for my Genesis II 410 4 burners? The padded handles and straps ensure that the grill remains in place, even in the presence of strong winds. With these in place, the cover will not blow up when strong winds are present, as it will have an avenue of release. And while this may or may not work, the efficiency of the grill will ultimately depend on the grill cover. Preferably, you should dry it in the sun. Thus, if you need a durable cover that can withstand direct sunlight without tearing and fading, this would be a good choice. If you are unsure about which model you own, or which cover is correct for your grill, reach out to us here or give us a call at 1-800-446-1071 and we'll be happy to help you find the right cover.. GAS GRILL COVERS Best Ballet Barres for Home: Expert Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQ! A: Yes, there isn’t much difference between the E320 and the E31O, aside from the side burner. It also has a storage pocket to enable you to store your grill tools nearby. Q: How wide is this cover’s top? Q: Will this grill cover on an E320? Here Is The Link To Buy The Cover for a Silver A or B Grill. The light nature of the cover makes handling it an easy task. This grill is of premium duty polyester fabric. Note that this design will not fully cover the wheels or legs of your grill. This grill cover is compatible with Weber Genesis models, as well as other brands. List of Top-Rated Grill Covers for Weber Genesis, How to choose the best grill covers for weber genesis. Best Glider Chairs: FAQ, How-Tos’, and Buyer’s Guide. This cover works for grills that measure 64 inches in length, 24 inches in depth, and 48 inches in height. So you can protect your investment and look forward to hot meals off the grill when the hot months are nigh. While the manufacturer has put in measures to prevent damage, you cannot leave all the work to the manufacturer. In the presence of strong winds, strong securing is very important. Q: Can I use this grill cover on a Weber Genesis Silver A? A: No, this cover works for three-burner grills. The best material would be vinyl, as it can hold out for a long period. Product Features. This grill cover works for any Genesis II four-burner grill. A: Yes, it will fit your grill. It, however, will not work for the Silver C grill and the Genesis II E 410. If you have a Genesis II 3 burner or 300 series or II LX 300 series, this can work for you. Secondly, you should not use the cover when the grill is hot. While looking at the build of the cover, also consider other features which will aid it in working better. A: It should last you several years. This grill cover is suitable for three and four-burner grills with widths between 55 and 58 inches.