It mostly depends on the cut of meat you use. Actual nutritional info will vary with brands used, your measuring methods, portion sizes and more. I used up all of my onions so I added some raw home-sprouted mung beans and some snow peas with the lime that you recommend. But I don’t want to hear about lame noodles or rice lol.

There is something about the way Vietnamese prepare their meals that made me fall in love with many dishes here including the Vietnamese beef stew … Looks totally delicious Thanh , The flavours are quite different to the Chinese Braised Beef, but both are very delicious.

Cross Rib Roast : In a pinch, I also like using cross rib roasts for stews. You are also brilliant for remembering to save the fat for something else!! . Use about 2 kg (4.4 lb) for the above recipe and ask your butcher to cut them into short lengths. The kiwi and cola do wonders to tenderize the meat. I’m already putting in my request for her to make this dish and many others when we are next in Brisbane (hopefully soon!). Add the tomato purée or canned tomatoes, together with the stock, salt, star anise, cloves, and lemongrass. Coca-Cola makes sense for the reasons you have mentioned. Trust me, an ash-encrusted pot is no fun to clean. Or do you have to do both? Thank you for the reply, I tried the recipe using 1 kg oxtail with the bones and it turned out great! Home » Cuisine » Vietnamese » Vietnamese Beef Stew (Bo Kho).

Fresh homemade Viet baguette, for now, will be a dream for me! And this instantly reminded me that my mother used Sarsparilla in her own version of this dish. I’ve also seen some recipes for meat using it, and I have to try sometime!!

Due to the sugar content in the Coca-Cola, the meat will brown quickly and will burn easily if you do not keep a close eye. Once you discard it, I give the lemongrass a good cleaning by rubbing it with my fingers under running water. If you love beef stew, you definitely  need to check out this Bo Kho recipe - this Vietnamese beef stew has all the flavors of a traditional beef stew with additional aromatics from lemongrass and star anise to give it another dimension of flavor. * Add whole, peeled baby onions. LOL Also, thank you for the recommendation to use oxtail for this stew… I actually have NEVER thought of this, and I love oxtail! It also can be easily transformed into a beef noodle soup bowl as well!

Although, I do like to have a glass of Coca-Cola when I eat pizza … . No matter how long I cook it, the beef strands still are quite stringy and when I chew on the beef chunks, I feel like I’m occasionally flossing with it. Just be mindful of the water level and lower the heat if necessary. Remove the marinating beef from the fridge and drain the liquid. However, I wouldn’t say no to this, I love that combination of five spices, lemongrass and all that… And it’s funny the idea of using Coca-Cola. The large pieces take a little longer to cook, but I find the texture to be much nicer and more tender. I’m more likely to make this Vietnamese stew when we have friends over because it’s a bit different. This is a very substantial beef stew from an asian recipe. Chuck (aka top or bottom blade roast): This is my second favorite meat to use for the recipe. This stew only needs about 3/4 cup so it’s not so bad. Hi Alisha! To sum it up, I was never a big fan of beef stews until I came to Vietnam. Well, OK, that’s nos so true!!! I used to drink it a lot when I was younger, but then I stopped and now it tastes a bit funny when I drink it. VIETNAMESE BEEF STEW (BO' KHO) Submitted by mommavu Updated: September 24, 2015.

In a large bowl, mix together the ingredients for the marinade.

Cute cute photos, love it!! • As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases: Read my affiliate disclosure. My son had a bout of bronchitis a few months ago and was generally feeling quite poorly. There’s actually no good reason except that this was the way dad used to cut carrots (and eggplants) for stews and I found that it oddly gives a really good texture when eating it. Bring it to a boil. I’m not much of stew, but your photos are soooo beautiful, that even makes me want to eat it!! Make sure when you are browning your beef, you are not overcrowding the pan. What do you prefer? Mmmm . Cut the beef into 1 ½ inch chunks and place it in large bowl, Roughly chop the garlic and onions and place it in the bowl, Slice the ginger and cut them into thick matchsticks and place it in the bowl, Add the five spice, fish sauce and cola in the bowl, Peel the kiwi and smash it with the fork, put the smashed kiwi in the bowl. Didnt bother with the meat “browning” – a total waste of time for two reasons: 1. splatters everywhere ruining cooker, walls, floors etc. This recipe was first published on 6 February 2014.

I’m Vietnamese and I’ve never seen anyone use coke in their beef stew marinade. Please leave a comment below and share your photos by tagging @eatlittlebird on Instagram and using #eatlittlebird. I discovered this recipe in Jennifer Brennan's cookbook The Cuisines of Asia. Thank you for this recipe! A Vietnamese Beef Stew (Bo Kho) which is fragrant with lemongrass, star anise and cloves. reviews (0) 0%. This will be my go-to recipe for bo kho from now on. You can also use linguine. Yay! Hope you will enjoy this recipe. I have and it’s gross. I’m so happy you liked this! The paediatrician recommended that I give him salty food, such as pretzels, as the body apparently loses some salt when sick and this needs to be replenished. I’m always all ears for suggestions as well if you ever perfect your own Bo Kho! CONVERSIONSTo convert from cups to grams, and vice-versa, please see this handy Conversion Chart for Basic Ingredients. My Viet husband was very excited to eat this. It’s simply a warm and delicious bowl of tender chicken in a rich curry stewed with potatoes. I used cold coca-cola only in case our (then small) daughter had a stomach problems. ), Asian Recipes, Comfort Food Recipes, Main Course, Noodles Recipes, Soups & Stews, Takeout At Home beef stew, bo kho, noodle soup, vietnamese.

I am looking forward to try this recipe. What a good idea removing the bones after it has cooked! Have you ever had sandy stew? Khao Soi (Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup), Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup). So if you have never tried this, and love beef stew, I would highly suggest to give it a go! Let the beef sit in room temperature for an hour, this will help with the browning of the beef since the beef won't be as cold. I like to use a rolling pin but you can also use the back of your knife blade (since it’s dull) as well to smash it. You can definitely do cola or kiwi, and you don’t need to do both. You should have enough liquid to just cover the meat and vegetables. Let the meat come to room temperature before cooking. It always helped. The cooking time will depend on how big your pieces of meat are. I’m a terrible baker! I have been looking for another recipe to try with Bo Kho (because I am avid fan). I also used a natural cola with the kiwi for the marinade, fantastic flavor! * Add whole, peeled baby potatoes. It's not too aromatic that it's overpowering and it's not too thick. If you are using oxtail, you might end up with less meat in the final product if you use 1kg of it, since most of the weight will be from the bones depending on how the oxtail is cut. This is definitely my favorite cut of beef to use for this recipe. Remove the meat from the marinade and pat dry with some kitchen paper. I like to marinate meats before I cook them for additional flavor, but occasionally when I’m cooking tougher cuts of meat I like to use my marinade as a tenderizer as well. Serve with noodles and thinly sliced sweet onions.

Add remaining garlic (1 tablespoon), shallots (1 tablespoon) and lemon grass (1 tablespoon) and fry until fragrant. Place a large heavy bottom pot over the stove on medium heat and add a bit of oil with 1-2 tablespoons of butter, When the pot is hot, add the beef in one at a time, careful not too crowd it too much. It also can be easily transformed into a beef noodle soup bowl as well! haha . If I use the oxtail does the weight in the recipe include bones or have the bones already been removed? Add coconut soda, water and ginger slices. Ox tails are usually more expensive, but they give a richer flavor to the stew. It's not too pungent in spices. This will drop the temperature of the pan and your beef will end up steaming/boiling instead of browning. Whisk the ingredients for the marinade in a large bowl. Every country has their own curry, but I, a full-fledged Vietnamese, am not biased at all when I say that the Vietnamese curry is the best one there is.