I am so embarrassed. Hi Laura, I use large size eggs, when I Googled, it says that large eggs are about 2.125 ounces per egg, which translates to 60 grams. just made these yesterday turned out SOOOOO good! Elliseh( my soon to be wife) has already commented saying how great it was buti just wanted to expand on it. This is a hit. Hi Adriane, I have not tried tripling this recipe, but I know others have scaled it successfully. Can you freeze the frosting? Don’t get me wrong though… it’s still awesome!!! And now that Summer is here I have plenty of time! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the red velvet one coming soon. My kids love them without the frosting because none of them like frosting here! This is my first time making cupcakes and i was wondering if the dark chocolate cupcakes would go nice with the vanilla buttercream cause my friends don’t really like peanut butter when i ask them if they wanted dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter . I think I was looking for something lighter -I should’ve known with all those yolks that it wasn’t going to be light enough. I’m glad you enjoyed it. and added vanilla bean to the frosting and now there is yummy specs of vanilla bean! Thanks Michelle for a great recipe and also for answering any questions I’ve had! Hi Andy, While I haven’t doubled the recipe, others here have left comments that they have without any problems. Hi Arie, Yes, the batter should be thick. What can I substitute it for? Really the best vanilla frosting ever! I think the icing made them so yummy. hope you could reply soon. I cannot wait till the big day! I added one stick of butter to the buttercream and it came out the perfect consistency for decorating. I would toss the blueberries with a teaspoon or two of flour and fold them in at the end. Sometimes bakers put the fake picture so the food looks more attractive so I wanted to make sure. Hi Lisa, I really have no idea why the cupcakes would taste like cornbread?! Do you suggest Creme Fraiche, yogurt or cream treated with lemons as the best substitute? Defrost at room temperature for about 2 hours. Great recipe!! I cringed when I saw 2 sticks of butter, so I halved the frosting and it was plenty for 12 cupcakes. Could I use your vanilla buttercream frosting for sugar cookies? Hi Deanna, I have not tried doubling this recipe, but not all recipes can be easily doubled, as sometimes the chemical reactions of the leaveners don’t react the same way when simply doubled. I am so inspired by u.. Hi, Michelle Should I mix the wet ingredients together first and then add to the dry ingredients? Hello there, I am new here, came across your site while searching easy recipes for my picky husband. Hi Patricia, I have not tried converting this to a cake, but you would want to increase the baking time a bit. This is my son’s favorite recipe. , which ensures a perfectly moist vanilla cupcake with a delicious and satisfying, subtle tang. Hi Layal, Powdered sugar here is very, very fine and not gritty at all, so even if it’s not completely mixed into a frosting, you won’t taste any grittiness. The crumb just wasn’t what I like in a cupcake. :). Did you make any ingredient substitutions, did you do any techniques differently, do you have an oven thermometer to ensure that the temperature is indeed correct? I beat them with a and mixer ( I don’t have a stand mixer) for 30 seconds. However, if they weren’t touched, I’m not sure why they would fall halfway through; sometimes cakes and cupcakes will sink in the middle while cooling if they have not cooked the whole way through. When I read the recipe the first time and noticed that the sugar is NOT whipped into the butter but blended with the flour first… That went against everything I thought I knew about baking! The flavor was there, the texture was good, but I definitely needed some milk! And also , hello michelle , you are invited to our wedding tomorrow as you saved our lives . it looks great michelle! I noticed some of your other buttercream recipes called for1-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract so was just double checking about this one. I cant wait to make them in the regular size. I’m sure with a bit of tweaking though, this recipe could be amazing! I hate to say that I was very disappointed. am i doing something wrong. Should all batter look the same? Hi Clare, I would use plain yogurt (full fat) as the substitute, same amount. I cannot thank you enough. Julie, I did the recipe without sour cream but they still tasted perfect! Just wanted to share the results of replacing sour cream with buttermilk plus butter. Hi Amanda, You could just double the recipe! I found this recipe on another site, I don’t remember where, ugh. I am doing the cupcakes for the party so I interesting in doing your vanilla cupcakes w/ vanilla buttercream. hi I am ten and love backing hope I mack it rite =), Hi there! I can’t wait to try that frosting! https://www.browneyedbaker.com/vanilla-cupcakes-vanilla-buttercream-frosting Hi Dee, I have not tried doubling the recipe, but it sounds like the commenter above had some trouble with it. Love how you decorated them! what vanilla did you use? Hi Michelle, The trick most bakeries use to ensure completely white frosting is to use all shortening (no butter) and clear vanilla extract. thank you. It turned out GREAT! can a hand held mixer be used and get the same result? But, how in the world do you remove all the flour lumps in the cake batter, particularly when using the mixer for only 30 seconds and the rest by HAND. Its strange, but its NOT LIGHT AND FLUFFY. The batter seems more like for cookie dough. I’ve been searching and searching for a good vanilla cupcake recipe and this one nailed it! I really hope you double check your quantities because it didn’t turn out right. They do not peel away. I wouldn’t go any more because it would probably be too dense. Hi Mia, I either use Land o’ Lakes or the butter in bulk from Sam’s Club. Add the eggs and yolk, one at a time, and mix on low until fully combined. It saved my life as nothing else describes it in cups . Let me know how it turns out! hi! I’m with Raven… I’m not certain how much of the frosting would actually make it to the cupcakes! Hi Gaby, You can freeze them, but do not frost them until ready to serve. This recipe won!!