), Tu hija cantó muy bien en su obra de teatro. This is “what you were doing.” For example: Cuando la conocí, ella enseñaba español. Usted _______ subir la montaña. I blissfully share Spanish-learning tips, best-idea-ever travel advice, and at-a-glance cultural guides. Activity Information:Seis is an amazing and easy game that turns your classroom into a casino! (We used to walk every day), Ustedes me _______ ayer. I’m sure you did a great job on this preterite vs imperfect quiz! Spanish Verb Lists. The good news is, we can break it down into understandable and practical comparisons. Spanish Imperfect Verb Form Card Game A fun and interactive verb review game with a speaking component for small groups. When you can't find me writing spiritedly from my home office in Antigua, Guatemala, I'm probably outside playing games and exploring nature with my two bilingual kids. Your Spanish students know how to conjugate verbs in the imperfect subjunctive. M This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 8. Take the examples above and try to replace the verb with the imperfect tense. PurposeGames lets you create and play games. About this Quiz. No matter where you’re at on your journey to Spanish fluency, having a conversation in your target language is a necessary skill to practice. Preterite: ustedes pudieron comprar la casa (you all succeeded in buying the house) Imperfect: ustedes podían negociar el precio (you all were able to negotiate the price) No Poder. Students will be engaged as they work in teams to answer questions in the following categories: Conjugating Preterite Verbs, Conjugating Imperfect V, Click here for a video preview of Seis Games! 0. All rights reserved. Imperfect: él tenía un regalo de su esposa (he had a gift from his wife). Quizzes. *Connect four board game, My brother called me while I was cooking. Includes practice exercises. Students will be engaged as they work in teams to answer questions in the following categories: Conjugating Regular Imperfe, Spanish 3, spanish conjugation activity, spanish imperfect tense, spanish regular imperfect verbs, el imperfecto, spanish irregular imperfect verbs, Spanish game, Spanish conjugation game, conjugation games, Spanish class fun**********************************************Spanish Imperfect Tense Games. The second page is the graphic organizer. Y Native English speakers have a hard time differentiating between these two past tense verbs because we don’t use them the same way they do in Spanish. Ideal to print as a handout or to incorporate into your lesson plan. Are you ready to practice your skills on the Spanish preterite vs imperfect? Finally, they do an oral practice using the imperfect to describe their childhood. (You all called me yesterday), Ella _______ el helado. Video – Imperfect Tense: An introduction to conjugations – A quick lesson explaining how to use, translate and conjugate verbs in the imperfect verb tense in Spanish. 0. (He figured out the truth). Company About Us Stats Blog Jobs Podcasts. Play this Jeopardy-style trivia game with them! Given a sentence, conjugate the verb in parenthesis to the indicative imperfect tense. 0. This low pressure game brings competition and helps students review the preterite and imperfect tenses; el pretérito y el imperfecto in Spanish class. These cookies do not store any personal information. Lesson Plan – Imperfect IR, SER  and VER – Rescues, Emergencies and Natural Disasters [MEMBERS ONLY] – Lesson plan on the irregular imperfect verbs. 1/40. Activity Information:Matching card games can be played so many different ways! What’s the Deal With the Upside-Down Question Mark in Spanish? It includes the English translation for students to understand situations that were going on in the past; activities that were relatively repetitive. — I received six calls between 2 and 4 pm. Full list of teacher resources here. There is no better way to practice or review Spanish Imperfect than the classic game of BINGO. Cuando me _______, yo _______ inglés en el colegio. Lesson – Imperfect – Regular -ER and -IR verbs – This short lesson lists the uses of the imperfect tense and includes a list of associated phrases in Spanish that describe the frequency of past actions.