I'd like to know what I can do with this laptop at this point as it's out of warrenty. ... $110.79. They told me they could do nothing for me to mail it in and "see what they could do". These … 01 Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset, Convertible (C054, CO54), 02 Plantronics CS50 CS55 Replacement Battery, 03 Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset System *Discontinued*, 04 Plantronics CS50+HL10 Wireless Headset Lifter Combo *Discontinue, 05 Plantronics CS55+HL10 Wireless Headset Lifter Combo *Discontinue, Tuesday 24 November, 2020 iFixit has you covered with parts, tools, and free repair guides. I'm facing the same swollen battery problem as described in this thread. After doing some researches online, it seems there are lots of people reporting the same issue. I've just had a long Chat with a support representative. This is not the experience we want our customers have. One was found because the touchpad was reported as not working. We own over 100 of these devices and now have 25 with this swollen battery. Tell someone you know about this product. See more tech specs The solution that they gave me was to send the device back to Acer for a $140 repair. do not pull hard. It's like a ticking time bomb and a disaster waiting to happen. in our They are available for $32 (new, retail) on EBay, or $25 in volume on Alibaba. Plantronics CS510, CS520, C052, CO52, CS351, CS351N, CS361, CS361N, WO300 WO350, W710 W720 battery 64399-03 65358-01 Genuine Plantronics replacement battery plantronics+headset+battery (22 items) Filters Skip to search results. This  may be a source but have not used them. (Initial symptoms were probably 6 months ago, that the trackpad click was harder to press over time; initially I thought it was just the trackpad wearing out, but after replacing the battery, the trackpad click works very well.). I even asked about purchasing replacement batteries from Acer to which I was told that was not an option. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I replaced the battery with another AP13J4K and it works fine. ACE Program and By signing up, I accept the terms of the Acer Privacy Policy. It is obviously widespread and a defect from Acer's battery. Also, no response. Compatible with these Plantronics wireless models: **Note:  There is also a Plantronics CS510 CS520 W710 W720 CO52 Extended Battery with extra battery time available if you need extra talk time. 1Each. By using this site, you accept Acer's Privacy Policy and the Luckily the battery hasn't exploded like Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Welcome Forum, or learn about our My chromebook (purchased January 2014 so it's just under 3 years old) works great, but the battery gradually bulged outwards until the outer case was obviously deformed and it was clear that something was wrong. With all the stories in the news about lithium batteries catching on fire, is this something I need to be worried about? I have a C720 that I aquired two years ago as a refurb (appeared to be new in box) that has developed a bulging battery over the last two months with a deformed case and a neutered trackpad . This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Safari and newer browsers. We would like to help you get this resolved. See less. Replacement parts for your Acer C720 Chromebook model to fix your broken laptop! the benefits of being a member! Please send me a private message and we'll see what we can do to help you. Check out our Acer Community User Agreement. They were not receptive. I didn't know why the trackpad was bulging in the middle. inappropriate or personal content -Acer-Manny]. Manufacturer part 87506-11 | Dell part A7910672 | Order Code a7910672 | Plantronics, Portable electronics, computer - communication, Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Headset Profile (HSP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). That's when I realized I have been using the laptop in an unsafe manner. Close door so that it is flush with headset. It's a 5-minutes repair, a child can do it, I hope you will attempt it. A few days ago, I was watching some news about iPhone 8's swollen battery problem that caused the body of the phone and the screen to separate and crack open. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 December, 2006. Just remove the 12 screws on the back, undo the battery screws, put in your new battery, and put it all back together. It looks like you're new here. What's Happening at Acer. Once battery is removed, gently disconnect battery connector. Update your technology with great financing offers from Dell Business Credit.^, Join for free and get up to 6% back in rewards* and free expedited delivery*. Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Dell Professional Associations & Non-Profits, View orders and track your shipping status, Create and access a list of your products. Can you tell me how to replace my bulging battery too? Enjoy free shipping and no-hassle returns*. - do you care about the bulging battery? That makes zero sense for a school district. These headsets provide extremely amazing audio experience. Get social and introduce yourself 4. It happened about 6 months ago after owning this laptop for over 2 years. Plantronics Blackwire C720 is a first-class headset with noise-canceling microphone and stupendous stereo sound. So, what are the rules of this place? 6. having problems, I have sent a PM requesting the information that I need so I can 1Each. The battery in my C720 had swollen completely, from the looks of it probably was going to explode or catch fire. Our school district appears to have a couple of C720 batteries that are swollen or bulging. I do not have a 720 but "in general" such devices do not need a battery if plugged in so could try just removing the defective ones. Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs. This is the Genuine Plantronics (not after market) Replacement battery for any of the Plantronics SupraPlus Wireless Headset Systems (Plantronics C052, CO52). I contacted Acer support to which I was transferred about five times. Compare. 15. No, they do not seem to care. [Post edited to remove This is a safety concern and I don't know why Acer, as a reputable company, has not proactively inform customers about this issue and offer solutions. $31.99. Plantronics CS510/CS351/CS361/CS351N/CS361N/W710/W720 Battery Replacement Instructions: 1. I called Acer and explained that I never use the existing keyboard or mouse as I use an external mousepad and keyboard. Sorry to hear about your battery problems. 3. Tuck all of the battery wires and connectors into the battery compartment. Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors. Offer not valid for Resellers. I also just noticed my c720 is very swollen in the middle. Repair with confidence! Use fingernail to lift off and flip open battery door. - thanks for making your Chromebook with a replaceable battery that is easy to replace! All of our replacement parts … I show the battery to be  Sanyo or Sony AP13J Polymer 3S1P, Acer KT.00303.011 or KT.00304.001. I normally keep this laptop next to my bed! GAMING6698 has become one of the main collaborators since joining the Community in November of 2019.On behalf of all our users and the Acer Team, we thank you for your dedication! Limit of 5 units per order. I realize these things are out of warranty and I am asking not complete replacement, but I believe that Acer should accept some responsibility for this problem. Add to cart. The laptop has been working great and I'd like to continue to be able to use it. I also explained that in February it will be barely two years. Otherwise great machines are suddenly going dark and we don't have the budget to buy parts that shouldn't be failing. Close door so that it is flush with headset. Free shipping offer valid only in Continental U.S. (excludes Alaska and P.O. I have a C720 that I aquired two years ago as a refurb (appeared to be new in box) that has developed a bulging battery over the last two months with a deformed case and a … Get It Fast ... Plantronics 86180-01 Headset Replacement Battery, Black. We will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 26, 27 in observance of Thanksgiving holiday. subject to change, not combinable with all other offers. Sign up for an Acer ID and get exclusive access to deals and the Predator Den community, where you can ask and answer questions about gaming and gear. Maybe even be willing to reimburse customers who have replaced a bugling battery. No spare parts are available (other than through the likes of eBay). No, they do not seem to care. The SAE Institute is the biggest private university group in Germany, educating young creators all across the country. I kept using the laptop with an USB mouse connected and didn't think much about the fact that it was the swollen battery that caused the bulge under the touchpad area. Their campuses offer world-class study programs in areas such as digital, Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04, https://us.answers.acer.com/app/chat/chat_launch/#_ga=2.234268126.1126117017.1520867005-748606815.1519836134, ConceptD | SAE Institute: Designed for Exceptional Creators.