Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Parker Jotter Standard CT Ball Pen (Black) with Gift box at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I do a similar set-up. I’ve written about this pen in the past I think, but not an actual review. Or maybe the RETRAKT has spoiled me? With the Jotter, I was constantly concerned with the scraping I felt where the ball meets the tip. Please see the About page for more details. ... Parker Jotter Originals Blue Fountain Pen single wooden box Wenge Single Ecru Code: … I like the Jotter ballpoint. Great post. Other options of this pen are available in stainless steel ($18) or polished stainless steel ($18.50) which probably would have been a more accurate comparison to the RETRAKT but would not have featured the familiar tu-tone look. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Parker Jotter Stainless Review The Parker Jotter is a classic with a long history. In the end, I think I might have preferred the metal barrel models of the Jotter for a more durable feel. … Now (2019) Parker has really reinvigorated their Jotter line with a whole slew of metal-barrel designs is striking colors, and have been offering some with a gel refill included (still the minority; most are classic ballpoints). I’m so glad Parker has not tried to modernize or alter the look of the Jotter. Parker Jotter XL Review. I didn’t think about changing it to a gel! I have had several different Parker Jotters throughout my lifetime and they all feel very similar. I purchased the teal-y blue version which is called “grey-green”. The same classic design icon in Jotter has been enlarged by 7% in length and width. I received mine in matte black, other colours are available, and it looks elegant. JetPens is accepting and shipping orders. Crafted from stainless steel, the upper segment features a long deployment button above Parker’s signature arrow-shaped pocket clip. The Parker Jotter is one of the most famous pens in production today. The problem I have with the Parker Jotter is the writing experience. She probably got it as a graduation gift. The classic stainless steel section at the top of the barrel is met by a navy blue section, made from molded plastic which completes the look. I don’t hold the pen at an extreme angle when writing - I’d say I’m more vertical than most - but I repeatedly felt a slight scrape when making certain strokes. Top critical review. Since the barrel on this Jotter is plastic, its really like comparing a featherweight to a heavyweight, but the slimmer barrel of the Jotter certainly makes it a more pocketable tool. Also, the Jotter utilizes the Parker-style refill — this is the pen that started it all — so there are quite a few options for refills if blue or black ballpoint ink is not for you. Enjoy your shopping in the biggest Parker online shop in EU! Technically, the original used a nylon barrel before the switch to plastic, but the point is, it was a plastic-like synthetic barrel, not metal — and it worked very well. You might be able to employ Mike Rohde’s trick of just hacking the end of the Pilot G2 refill off to match the length of the Parker-style refill. For the love of pens, paper, office supplies and a beautiful place to work. After discussing* how much the Karas Kustoms new Tu-Tone RETRAKT reminded me of the classic, “Mad Men” good looks of the Parker Jotter (prices start at $9.50), I realized I didn’t actually own a Jotter. The Epic Refill Reference Guide: Rollerball, Gel and Ballpoints, Our FREE Downloadable Guide Sheets: Turn a Blank Notebook into a Lined Notebook, A Beginner's Dive into Ring-Bound Planners: Part 2 - Planner Sizes, Pencil Sharpener Review: Høvel Pencil Plane. In writing, it honestly took me awhile to get used to writing with a ballpoint. Receive new posts from The Well-Appointed Desk directly into your inbox by subscribing to our email feed. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Parker Jotter Blue Ballpoint Pen at