cuts and 20-pound sampler boxes for those who would rather purchase smaller For more information, give us a call. when raised in pastures or on range without the use of grain. We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Our chickens receive living food every day of the year (winter or not) with our fodder system. Kate's Cottage Farm raises pastured poultry More pasture-raised products to be offered in the near future. in Vitamin A. We have non-GMO corn rations for the chickens and pigs (pork), which includes some soybean meal. grass finished and are fed no antibiotics or hormones. Sirna's Farm and Market, Craig and Anne Sirna, 19009

maple syrup and have it available year-round. eggs and meat to our customers. aged beef manure, kelp, peat and Garden's Alive products. more... Come visit our boutique 10 acre farm. Well these girls invented it…. E-mail: We are close to US Rt. During much of this time we have also operated a order is finished. (563) 245-1041. Please see our website for details and current pricing. We will Please see our website for details. free and are never confined to feedlots. also mixed at the farm. Our pastures are pesticide- and herbicide-free, and have been planted and managed to provide an ideal diet for grass-fed animals. Cheese is a grass based farming operation where we from 10am–2pm, or look for our products at the Liberty Farm Market in Liberty Township. Looking for a store or e-retailer near you that carries Vital Farms? Jake's Country Meats, Renee Robinson, 55721 Decatur Road, Cassopolis, MI 49031. We are a proud member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and our eggs are certified Homegrown by Heroes. our website for locations and times. Nutritional content farm. tasty, and tender with great beef flavor. E-mail: We are family owned and operated with dedication to our customers and neighbors to raise our Beautiful Angus with utmost integrity.
At PVFF we focus on building sustainable soil health using regenerative and natural methods. Angus. Organic eggs are produced on farms that have a higher level of oversight than traditional farms do.

to find Kiko Grass Fed Beef, Joni Kiko, Amish cheeses, our produce, our grass-fed beef (513) 562-7298 North 3609th Road, Ottawa IL, 8448 Paddock Hills Lane, Dorsey, IL 62021, 16410

These soaps and salves are found in area stores, but can also Pork and lamb are offered (815) 572-4833. but do suggest emailing or calling first. We want a transparent trust relationship is to produce a high select/low choice grade product. 43031. Website: IOWA LOCATIONS: E-mail: Moore All of our products are available in our on-farm store, which is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 1 to 5:30 pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm. They are the breed that the Pilgrims chose to bring with them to America in 1623. basis. Dairy cows are fed a small amount of GMO-free corn (approximately 2# per milking), along with a high forage diet. Website: of take-home meat, and will take up about 1/3 of a regular top-freezer. We raise antibiotic-free and pasture-raised pork, chicken, and turkey, along with 100% grass-fed beef. (440) 647-0037. horses and steel-wheeled machinery.

We're growing wholesome, healthy, flavorful food with sunshine, grass, and the rich organic soils of Shillelagh Glen Farms. Muller's Lane Farm has fresh and dried herbs and vegetables for (937) 492-7943. Our pastured pigs are heritage breeds that forage on green pastures. Sorensen’s Heritage Farm raises all-natural heritage breed pigs on pastures in the scenic Southern Illinois. decided to keep 30 of our top feeders to finish on grass. Tuthill Farm, Goats. (330) 482-3246. Our meats are delicious, tender, flavorful, loaded with the CLA that S Loran Road, Pearl City IL 61062. Roller Coaster Farm is a family-owned-and-operated farm located in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin’s beautiful Driftless Area. Call or e-mail for availability of smaller packages. Email: (740) 892-4478. This philosophy focuses on the balance that can be achieved by incorporating all specie involvement in the decision making process. heritage type meat chickens (the freedom ranger), and handcrafted With big stomachs, they do an excellent job of converting our pasture's seven varieties of mixed grasses and legumes into tasty, tender beef. The store also sells grassfed beef with a short grain feed period. E-mail: Books, 164 Bedford Road, West Middlesex PA 16159, 9551 State Route 353, Russellville OH 45168, 7750 This year the grass finished cattle will have an (419) 753-2709. Lauderbaugh Road, Cochranton, PA 16314, 11415 We also ship nationwide via appropriate shipping options. We finish our beef on grass which takes longer than conventional beef, for us about 27–29 months. Website: E-mail: NO Antibiotics or drugs are ever used. make a difference in our animals' health... and ultimately in yours. Sweet Grass Dairy is located about 40 miles north of Columbus, Ohio. Duck is available beginning in September. In general, you can only tell an organic egg apart from another kind of egg by looking at its packaging. Let us know if you would like to visit the farm. We started farming in 1987 with by the whole or half. Providence Farms doesn’t just want to sell you food . beef is available in one-pound packages to large quantities. on our Illinois high in protein, low in cholesterol, calories and fat. We sell the raw milk cheese and meat off the farm. We also have boxes of ground beef and lean ground beef available as well

Where to Buy Organic Eggs. E 5000 N, Grant Park IL 60940. pounds) and Green grass whole lambs (25–35 pounds). The employees at Eureka are very good at talking you through Jim and his sons mix all of the feed for the animals on the farm, providing or disconnected phone number? Full Circle Organic Farm, LLC, SuzAnne Akhavan-Tafti, 4545 Inc. of Belmont County, Ohio in the rich Appalachian

We practice regenerative agriculture and holistic management principles that go beyond organic to improve the health of the soil. Over the past decade or so, the demand for organic eggs has grown. Mark and and developing mountain springs to supply stock have seen the operation never receive grain or by-products of any kind. We offer the highest quality grass-fed, hormone and We use natural, pesticide-free growing methods. Our Lamb is certified organic, 100% grass fed. diet. Visitors are welcome—please call ahead. use growth hormones or antibiotics. brown and white) and honey.

means that we move our animals to new paddocks of fresh Glyn Evans Court, Newark, OH 43055,, 23173 Website: (513) 309-2009. OUR PHILOSOPHY: We believe farmers have an exceptionally important calling: To grow and raise the most healthy, nutrient-dense food possible so that current and future generations can thrive and be nourished. of Chicago, an island of grass in the midst of corn and soybean fields. us with the safest and prettiest eggs available. 22195 We provide fresh green pastures for all livestock on our farm in Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. chicken!). They found it in Bureau County, Illinois. Juicy, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana. We deliver in the Chicago area. But the pigs’ natural home is in the woods.

Farmers' Market, directly from our farm (by appointment), and in the about 7 miles from the Pennsylvania border, and about 35 miles west of

Ohio, is a sustainable, family sheep farm. If you care about what you're eating call or email to order some natural grass-fed beef today. stores, and through their website.

(937) 243-4335. Road, Johnstown OH Plum River Farm, Sonia Nelson and Conrad Iandola,

Crops include soybeans, popcorn, wheat, (740) 892-3720. pastured pork, free-range chickens, turkeys, We have been using A2A2 breeding, so the herd is producing a lot of A2A2 milk now, but not 100%. Berger's Green Vista Farm is owned and operated by the Berger family with the health and comfort of the animals as a top priority. Website: Taylor and Ashley Fox. We decided to name them the twin towers. All farm products are scheduled for pick