The suspect fled and hid at a nearby business. After the academy they spend a full day training every two years. Please consider using these alternatives to calling the Olympia Police Department or 911 when faced with a situation that calls for de-escalation and/or intervention. Pets welcome. Kellie Purce Braseth, Strategic Communications Director In a third case, the suspect threatened to kill an employee trying to stop him from shoplifting. When in doubt, hang up and contact companies directly through a trusted phone number or secure account. • There were three more catalytic converter thefts this week. The Olympia Police Department, located in Olympia, Washington is a law enforcement agency that has been granted specific police powers in Thurston County. These are unsettling times for us all. Interesting statistic from the plan, pedestrian risk of fatality or serious injury goes from 18% if someone hits them driving at 20 mph to 77% if they’re driving 40 mph. The officers staff three 10 hour and 40 minute shifts each day. The primary function of the Police Department is deterring crime, stopping crimes in progress, investigating crimes, and serving as first responders for emergencies and situations that threaten public safety. The legend for the icons is now located on the tool bar. The award was presented by members of the American Legion Post No. In one, the suspects broke a window, left the scene and returned later. The legend for the icons is now located on the tool bar. When citizens have complaints about service or treatment from employees, OPD thoroughly investigates every complaint. Notable Trends Find alternatives to calling the Olympia Police Department. • All graphics of people rolling (for example: biking or skateboarding) must Rebekah Ziesemer, Community Programs Help keep your mail safe by checking it daily. Notable Trends In another case, the suspect threatened to shoot an employee trying to stop a shoplift and insinuated he had a gun., Crime Map and Updates We can abolish the police by not calling the police. 24/7 service offering these services to callers: Emotional support/Assistance in identifying problems/Locating resources/Identifying steps to resolve problems. • As the mornings get colder, we start to see cars stolen while left warming up unattended, even when left only briefly. Monarch Children’s Justice & Advocacy Center*. Crime Map and Updates Last Updated: Sep 23, 2020. • Two residential burglaries. Find Arrest Records, Police Records, and Warrants related to Olympia Police Department - Westside Station. Property stolen included a car stereo, a backpack with a large amount of cash, a social security card, Beats headphones, a range finder and sunglasses. Try to park it in view of any home security cameras. Contact • Officers arrested a suspect for imprisonment and assault after he drove recklessly around Olympia while assaulting his victim and forcing her to remain in the car. The legend for the icons is now located on the tool bar. The Department's crime prevention and crime resistance efforts are all built on a foundation of self-help activities staffed by citizen volunteers. The City of Olympia is committed to the non-discriminatory treatment of all persons in employment and the delivery of services and resources. The Patrol Unit is the largest unit and consists of officers assigned to Patrol duties out in the Community. In one case, the suspect punched the victim in the face multiple times. Not sure the best way to report it? Someone had a boat motor stolen after the suspect cut the lock securing it to their boat. The Office of the Chief is responsible for providing vision and overall direction to the Department. Olympia Police Officer Tiffany Coates was awarded the department’s Officer of the Year award at a ceremony held Wednesday evening at Olympia City Hall. These resources are not intended to cover all situations, only to provide the services described. In one, a suspect spit at a correction officer through a temporary jail cell. Click on icons for more detail. On the management level, investigations of complaints about serious misconduct are conducted by a Professional Standards Lieutenant who works directly for the Chief of Police. In the last, a suspect pushed a victim down a hill, assaulted him and stole his backpack. Click on icons for more detail. • Safe Drivers = Good Neighbors © 2020 County Office. • We had two more cases of stolen mail. Landlords and tenants can learn more about these programs by connecting directly with the Community Action Council of Lewis Mason Thurston Counties or Community Youth Services. • Text and graphics must be visible to drivers passing by. While the most visible elements of the Policing Services Program are those done by uniformed officers out in the community, the Program also involves both civilian and commissioned staff doing the full range of investigative, administrative, record-keeping and support tasks that are required to fulfill the Department's legal obligations and provide Olympia residents with top quality police services. Click on icons for more detail. Suggest Listing Reimagine public safety. does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Work trucks and vans are also being targeted. Great job everyone. Find alternatives to calling the Olympia Police Department. Report Number. You can also contact your local mechanic about installing an after-market belly pan or skid plate. Confidential, anonymous and immediate response, at no cost, to Thurston and Mason County residents. Accident Date. 360.753.8578 • Thirteen vehicle prowls reported this week. 360.753.8578 It’s still an open investigation. 360.753.8578 • Twelve vehicle prowls reported. Olympia Police Department Crash Reports, “Request Online” Include as much information as possible. We are recognized as being compassionate, respectful, highly-trained, innovative and as people who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the City of Olympia. Typically, people call the police because they are experiencing or perceive an emergency and need immediate assistance. Another dingy was stolen from a boat. • Five auto thefts reported. offers free and confidential services to people who have experienced all forms of domestic and sexual violence and abuse. Officers arrested two juveniles who forced their way into an apartment, assaulted another juvenile and stole the victim’s necklace. Witnesses called in the reckless driving and the victim escaped while the suspect was distracted by an officer approaching the car. Visit the website for more info. You can register to watch the meetings live via Zoom (links on our City Council page). It usually takes a few days for a Police officer to complete a crash report. • Save lives, not seconds Free, confidential directory connecting callers to resources for emergency shelter, utility assistance, childcare, food resources, and more throughout Washington state. The legend for the icons is now located on the tool bar. • Officers located and arrested the suspect in the aggravated assault reported after he choked and pushed the victim into a door jam. We accomplish our mission through a team approach to proactive policing, corrections, community education and support services. 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