this book is base on lucy's point of view. But then some extra money comes into the picture and she gets to go too! I loved this book! Her first snog is with him. This one's not preachy and fun, because it's the girls running around in Italy. When they get back to there hometown, Tony is waiting in the Airport with flowers looking for Lucy. And just in the nick of time, because she and Tony are definetely OFF. If you have any issues with the site, please don't hesitate to contact us. Things like that. In this book i learn that lucy is going on a school trip to Florence and for here it seem like a good and perfect way to escape because here boy friend tony is pressuring her to take there relationship further.But in italy she meets an American boy and thinks he might be the ideal way to get over tony.The hole thing is that this guy seems to be the perfect gentleman, and italy introduces lucy to a world of culture and sophistication.Will she be able to move on from tony or will she have to tell this boy that she has a boyfriend back home. i think this book is deffinetly not boring. This one's not preachy and fun, because it's the girls running around in Italy. the way the author made the girls sound was kind of cute too. In book 12, the subject is brought up again when TJs father has a stroke and they spend some time on the Rame Peninsula in Cornwall, but end up buying a summer home there, instead of moving away. He doesn't reveal his feelings until the end of the book when TJ realizes so herself, and they start dating. her mates are going to Italy, but her parents doesn't have enough money for her. 4 Stars. Good book. Great Escapes has also got very good character plot and development. Over all such a great book and i extremly recommend! you can kind of invision how the girls are talking and acting. By using this website you agree with our cookie policy which you can review or amend at any time. I even find Lucy & Tony the cutest couple because they used to take care of each other so well, it looked like they were never to break up. Do they take the truths to the bad or good side? And Lucy meets a hott American and maybe things will get better? Paul Watts - TJ's older brother. I have also read the mates, dates secret story if you want to get an idea about what tony is going through during this part of the story i really recommend that book to. He has a sister named Tanya and his sister's best friend is Cressida Dudley-Smith. 18 years old, tall, dark and cute, Simon is very rich and lives in a huge, fancy house. Tanya Peddington Lee - Simon's younger sister, also the friend of Cressida. In Tempting Trouble TJ develops feelings for Nesta's boyfriend Luke de Biasi which puts her and Steve's relationship in jeopardy. They considered moving to Devon for a while, to TJ's great horror, but later decided that they'd miss London too much. He is sort of a player and is often acting like a huge jerk - according to Lucy he is supposed to have a kiss chart in his bedroom. Also, I really like how Lucy can finally afford to go on the trip. Book 13 of 16 in the Mates Dates Series. evolutionally, adv. Welcome back. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of the characters individually and Lucy was always my favourite (with this being my favourite book in the series). I love the character Tony in this book. Its about a girl names Lucy.. She has other friends. This book was great! He is said to be quite of a player, having a different girl on a date every week and sometimes not even that long. She dumps him in an email when Luke tells her he too will dump his girlfriend so they can be together. I was into this book so much i felt like i was there! They decide that they should just be friends, but when she finds out that he has a new girlfriend she gets jealous. It;s been a roller coaster with them but finally Lucy says she doesn't want to take it to the next level so they just go apart. But when he wants a little more than what Lucy wants, it all goes down hill. Izzie, Nesta, and TJ. Over all such a great book and i extremly r. J'ADORE !!! I don't like him at some parts but then after he messes up and all he'll do somthing really sweet that makes you say "Awwwww" without even meanign too. Some things you have to figure out is if they know how to treat a girl right? He is mentioned to be in his twenties. I just really liked it and my heart told me to rate it 5 stars. FictionDB is committed to providing the best possible fiction reference information. Each book is from one of the friends perspective, showing exactly how each girl deals with the dilemmas they face. Simon and Nesta really fall for each other, but eventually break up when he has to go to college. Many things happen and you follow the characters on adventures. The Mates, Dates Guide To Life, Love, And Looking Luscious. seriously.Long time agoo!! Silly and fun but you get to love the main characters, I still remember this as the 3rd fiction/romance book I've read in 2016. And just in the nick of time, because she and Tony are definetely OFF. Go ad-free with a FictionDB premium membership. Mates, Dates is a series of books written for teenagers by Cathy Hopkins.The characters later cross-over into her other popular book series Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise. I think the plot line is brilliant and makes a great story to read espically for teenagers. Mates of State — Background information Origin Lawrence, Kansas, United States Genres …   Wikipedia, The Office (U.S. TV series) — The Office Genre Sitcom Mockumentary Created by Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant …   Wikipedia, In Bed with Medinner (series 2) — This is a list of episodes of In Bed with Medinner episodes in broadcast order, from broadcast series 2. She is mentioned to be in her twenties, like Paul. We’d love your help. Start by marking “Mates, Dates, and Great Escapes (Mates, Dates, #9)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Read 65 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Refresh and try again. They decide that they should just be friends, but when she finds out that he has a new girlfriend she gets jealous. i think there is a cute little romance in the story that can keep the romance readers wanting more. OK,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cathy Hopkins page on the Publisher's website. I thought this book was a good teen book. We're back to Lucy's POV and everyone's going on the school holiday to Italy except for her, because her family doesn't have a lot of extra money for such things.