Galactus -- Superman (but it would take a VERY long time). done, Superman Family. It is his tenacity that has brought him through the decades and made him so iconic and popular, he is the epitome of Superhero, face it, all others always compare towards him, no argument is complete without taking Superman into regard. In fact, the word Superhero was literally invented because of Superman. Cloudbusting. Created by AJstuff. | Screen Rant Magz4You November 17, 2020 Superman has had plenty of copycats over the years; from Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel (now DC's Shazam) to the infamous Homelander from The Boys , it seems every universe has their own take on the Man of Steel, so it’s only natural that DC’s biggest rival would have one, too. Which was PIS, how is it Hulk made him bleed in another comic? But I say Galactus, Goku, and Silver Surfer win for sure. 15 wins (53.6%) Superman Kal-El: You can say this is a cop out, but Superman always finds a way to win, it is not just his abilities, he does not give up, he seeks truth and finds a way to win, on his own terms. Dankschen! Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. RELATED: 10 Reasons Hyperion Would Be Perfect For The MCU. cheat] and still come off looking like a self-righteous prick, but knowing how such a pussy Hype is, he'd actually have to GIVE Batman head just ot get the goods on how powerful Superman is. Hyperion vs Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight? Juggernaut 14. Supergirl 18. Superman can beat all his bootlegs/copies/analouges/whatevers. Heck, the writer for Superman in the late 90's did an interview in Wizard magazine following the Marvel vs. DC series where he said, "Hulk is physically stronger, but Superman has more abilities." Captain Marvel 12. Isn't it confusing to have 2 Superboys at the same time, Jonathan Kent and Conner Kent? Because he's super pissed that his head got switched. Magneto 23. TGIT!!!!!! He was crushed between two universes, but he was only knocked unconscious. I detest the way he's written (every version), and that DC has to come up with feats that outdo anything anyone else of the super strong variety does in theirs, or any universe. This. AFAIK, Hyperion is so much more durable than Superman he shouldn't have an issue. Hyperion VS Superman (CBVS#2 HD Remake) - YouTube. Superman vs King Hyperion. Please dont tell all the other marvel fanboys I sd that thanks : ). How do you think about the answers?, 20.superman,no contest,now captain america vs batman would be a better fight. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All right, I'm going with Dan's scenario with a bit of a twist, Hyperion popsicle, but Bats is the one who pushes him over the cliff, snagging him with a batarang connected with a cable, letting him dangle for a bit, his eyeballs frozen open to stare in horror at the crashing rocks below before the commencing of said heat vision roasting. Iron Man 9. He was crushed between two universes, but he was only knocked unconscious. Action figures behaving badly, Batman has abandonment and control issues, Before Watchmen wasn't all that bad I guess, Flash and Green Lantern Brave and the Bold, Golden Age Batman was cooler because he carried a gun, Prof.Zoom and Johnny Quick break their cherry, Saying goodbye and waiting really are the hardest parts, The music was better before you were born, Mash-Up #315 Birds of Prey vs Judo Master. 9. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. @Dale: look who's humping around. Which Hyperion we talking about? He's crazy powerful. Not because of some special krytonite ring however. Would you consider One Piece better than Boruto . Spider-man 8. 15.superman,unless GL uses his ring to create if it's the alan scott green lantern,that would be a little closer because his power is based in magic and we all know how well superman deals with magic. Press J to jump to the feed. SWEET AS: DC Comics' Top 5 March 2020 Solicitations. Why? "Supreme is the creation of Rob Liefield. Turtle power. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The rest lose. Still have questions? Superman will murder Hyperion Which version of Superman are you using? Maybe I just don't know the others good enough. I've gotta see what other people r sayin about supes vs pretend supes! It doesn't matter if he isn't as good of a fighter when you are much more powerful. Hulk 4. I know, I know, Halloween's over and has been for a week or so. 9.too close to call,but i give the edge to the silver surfer because he has the power cosmic which makes him one of the most powerful guys out there! Get your answers by asking now. hyperion wins the better costume contest though. Is this 'Charlie Brown' scene racially problematic? No, Supermanboy Prime, you silly person. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Who would win? The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Recommended for you. Or "can a playa get some damn privacy round this bitch".I better get back to business man. Hulk shouldn't have hurt anyone with that kind of power that would put him not only above Superman and WWH but put him in leagues of Infinity gauntlet Thanos. History hasn't been kind to fighters on comeback trail, Obama crushed by Colbert in 'waste basket-ball', Chappelle's Netflix show removed at his request. Still i think Superman would win. Hyperion 2. When I hear/read copies I don't consider alternate versions of Superman himself. at least set up in the third *Ant-Man* movie. 42.45% (45 votes) 45. - Results (106 votes) Superman beats them all no question. He held back the collision of two universes until the planets broke and the energy cascaded, so his strikes should hurt Superman more than Superman's will hurt him. He would try, of course, and it would be a great fight, but in the end, Hyperion would fall. What was your favorite cartoon  growing up? Sorry, House of Kent. Can two pokemon cards and a figurine of sailor moon be called a collection? Idk, but it sounds interesting. @green_skaar: that's not a good comparison. If so, are Mr. Kurt and Mr. Stokes homosexual? It seems like the Alan moore version and the Liefield version are completly different. He's used to dealing with monstrous villains bent on destruction who use their immense in inventively destructive ways. Oh, well Hyperion's physically superior in pretty much every way except speed IIRC. Superman has trained with Batman, and is a clever tactician due to years of looking for win end states to no win situations. So, while someone as insane as King Hyperion would present a huge challenge to Superman, this is a guy who fights beings like Mongul, Darkseid, and Brainiac. How you could possibly take a name like that and say hmmmmm super hero is a joke. Supreme started out as a poorly developed and defined character based loosely on Superman." BTW, let me know how the Minutemen comics are, I'm very curious. Galactus, Goku, and Silver Surfer win. I don't know, some of the others might win. Superman could beat every last one of them. RELATED: Supergirl Vs. Superman: Who Is Stronger? Superman is the Alpha dog of Superheroes and no one beats him one on one. Phoenix 13. at all of DC Comics March 2020 solicitations (here), these five picks make The Sentry was also inspired by Superman and would rip Superman in half easily in all forms besides his unstable form AFAIK. me think you should use the search functionare you new? If Martian Manhunter can take down Hyperion as easily as it looks like he did...than Superman will rip him apart faster than speeding bullet. btw many versions of Superman suffer from P.I.S plot induced stupidity. 21.superman,but the thing would make him work for he made the champion in marvel 2 in 1 annual 7,remember champion won the fight,but he didn't actually beat the thing and champion acknowledged this,he admitted that although he was able to beat the thing physically,he couldn't break his spirit! bee... You wait 310 issues for Judo Master to turn up and then he arrives twice in Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Rogue -- If it's a fight based solely on who's the most powerful, Rogue, but any other circumstance, Superman would win.