Gender dynamics work beyond individual perception, it requires in-depth, social scientific support. In any company, it is the responsibility of the directorial board to ensure that everyone is given the respect that he or she deserves and that no one feels inferior or inadequate in any way. Laura Zelenko: You may have the right intentions, yet imbalance still exists and progress is slower than we want. Workplaces should be a place where men and women want to work and feel rewarded and cared for with their work. It is upon organizations to sensitize women employees to recognize bias too. Search for what you want, categories, tags, keywords, authors, events, anything under YourStory, [TechSparks 2020] How UK-India collaboration can break the barriers to growth, Despite COVID-19, this VC firm is busy with more funding deals and new initiatives, Tata Group buyout of Bigbasket could close by the end of the month; Alibaba may exit: CNBC, Sequoia Capital India announces fourth cohort of 17 early-stage startups under Surge programme, How Shopmatic grew during COVID-19; Inside Telangana's tech startup ecosystem, What if you could learn finance while watching a movie? Mentoring should include discussing how to ask for a pay raise. Here are four key aspects to consider while designing gender sensitization programs: To design a training program that specifically addresses your organization’s challenges, you must first home in on the objectives. Lv 4. This is because policies rarely take care of generations of conditioning. 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Even when hiring an individual to the company the board should ensure that the sex of the person does not affect their decision at all because this is absolutely unethical. It is also quite wrong to put the onus on women to fight inadvertent and seemingly “harmless” sexism by pointing it out to figures of authority. It’s important to point out that although progress has been made, we are far from where we need to be. For instance, lingerie accounts are for women, automotive clients for men. Such talks given by professionals are indeed, both interesting and informative. No chauvinistic comments of any kind should be encouraged especially when they are bound to hurt the sensibilities of the person at the receiving end. So these are some ways in which gender equality in the workplace can be promoted such that no one feels wronged or slighted at any point of time. Commit to boosting your own cultural competency ; Cross-cultural communication is an invaluable workplace skill. Meredith is frequently sought out for her expertise in small business lending and financial management. We've also has developed a Gender Equality Index that includes more than 100 companies that are voluntarily disclosing information on their D&I policies. At later stages of interviewing, he recommends teams of mixed gender interview candidates, to further reduce hiring biases. She says that if an organization wants to extract the very best from its employees, it must stay reflexive about gender and diversity matters. As the gender discourse takes shape in our society and more women join the workforce, the onus is on organizations to prevent losing valuable employees – men and women – because of their lack of timely investment in the most crucial element of workplace culture. We wanted to once and for all create the definitive global source list of women experts in business and finance to keep us competitive and improve the quality of our coverage. Hence there should be strict punishments for such behaviors. We know that people's early gender perceptions create unconscious biases. I help Fortune 500 leaders lead effectively in disruption to accomplish. Additional benefits include the ability to attract more female candidates, leading to a balanced male-female ratio, and higher morale and retention. We're seeing a benefit across our platforms -- TV, radio and live events. I have also seen certain types of projects being given to specific genders. One in four women say they are subject to sexual harassment at work. No two individuals are alike and therefore no one should have his or her identity be restricted to whether he or she is a male or female as it is something that is absolutely unfair.