state. The pattern of seasons in the district is similar to other districts of the state, except slight variations at the terminals and year may be divided into three main seasons. [3] In 1809 it was occupied by the forces of Maharaja Karanvir Singh and was united into the greater state of Punjab in 1849.[3]. The district has mild climate compared to other districts of the State. Hoshiarpur (Punjabi: [ɦʊʃɪˈaːɾpʊɾ] ()) is a city and a municipal corporation in Hoshiarpur district in the Doaba region of the Indian state of Punjab.It was founded, according to tradition, during the early part of the fourteenth century. Punjab lies in Northern part of India. Hoshiarpur's Bus Stand is Bhagwan Valmiki Interstate Bus Terminal, which has a large network of bus services of Punjab Roadways, Himachal Roadways, Delhi, Haryana Roadways, P.R.T.C,[10] Chandigarh Transport Undertaking, Jammu & Kashmir Roadways, Rajasthan State Roadways, apart from private operators. Sorry ! Agriculture is the main source of Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. For those who don't know, the C.D.Block is a rural area earmarked for administration and development in India. ⚠️ Are there any coronavirus reports in Hoshiarpur, as of Monday, 9th of November 2020? According to Census of India 2011, Population of Punjab was 27,704,234. rapidly. Tajowal Local Language is Punjabi. Hail storms may occur in the closing period of winter when there is quite a sizeable damage to fruit crops, especially the mango fruit for which this distict is quite renowned in the State. This has made the summer hights quite pleasant. purposes. Out of the population of 158,154 in Hoshiarpur, we can state that there are at least 134 reported cases of coronavirus. Ludhiana with a population of 2,568,800 is the most populous city in Punjab followed by Amrtisar (Urban Agglomeration). Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Hoshiarpur District as per Census 2011 On the basis of surface exploration, the following new sited have been brought on the Archaeological map of India and the traces of the selfsame people as at Harappa and Mohenjadaro have also been detected in the Hoshiarpur District.[9]. The population of Punjab in Education Programmes implemented in Hoshiarpur, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. What is the population of Hoshiarpur in 2020? Sikh/Punjabi community with more than 57% population. Demographics in Hoshiarpur District - Population, Age Group Population, Religion, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe, Others, Projected Total Population, Projected Rural and Urban Population, ... Thursday, June 04, 2020. The Punjabi language also known as Gurmukhi is the official Hoshiarpur is a district in the Punjab State of India. Total area of Hoshiarpur is 3,386 km² including 3,243.71 km² rural area and 142.29 km² urban area. of Villages counted as Census Towns for Census purposes, Percentage increase in population (2001-2011). There are 3,36,994 houses in the district. 2020 World Population by Country. The station consists of one platform. Total Population by Country 2020 Not surprisingly, the largest countries in the world in terms of population are China and India , with both countries now having populations of well over a billion. According to the 2011 census Hoshiarpur district has a population of 1,586,625, roughly equal to the nation of Gabon or the US state of Idaho. every year from the time of Independence. Published under National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP). As per provisional reports of Census India, population of Hoshiarpur in 2011 is 168,653; of which male and female are 88,304 and 80,349 respectively. The station was constructed in 1905.The station has direct railway connectivity to Delhi, Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ferozpur. The total average rain falls in district is 1125 mm .Broadly speaking 75 percent of the rainfall is experienced in the period July to September, Whereas 15 Percent rainfall is experienced in the winter months of January and February are under the influence of western disturbances in the Persion Gulf.