If you are planning on taking on some tech terrain in the near future, you will want to spend more money on something a little more substantial. This beginner mountain bike has a durable 6061 aluminum frame with a 75mm Suntour front shock and agile 27.5 in. Read More, " Even the RST fork uses its 65mm wisely to chamfer the edges off sharp stuff without bouncing or clanging around in complaint. The 6061-T6 Aluminum Triple Triangle Frame is strong and durable, yet lightweight and nimble. Dicks sporting good provided absolutely worst customer service ever so I bought a Norco Charger 2. Gt avalanche Value For Money 4.95. Written on: 22/07/2014 For a start, the frame is properly sized for progressive riding. Read More, " Build Quality 5.00. I want a 27.5 and not another 29er. Is it really that bad or just your typical "if it's not a $3k bike it sucks" responses? Climbing and braking in mud tends to suffer a bit though. please consider. Write your own review. Ben-Nelly (1 review written), If you are commenting on behalf of the company that has been reviewed, The SR Suntour fork is all-steel, undamped and rather twangy, but the top-out is respectably controlled, it doesn’t bob too crazily under power and in the less-demanding conditions a novice rider is likely to experience it’s almost worth having. The angles are steep, but the GT’s length helps keep your weight centred and stops anything too surprising happening as speeds climb on the descent. GT Aggressor review. Taking a combination of customer reviews from the leading retailers, such as Evans Cycles. The huge leap makes the transmission effectively a six-speed rear during the 95 percent of the time you’re not grovelling up a barely-scalable hill. Rack and mudguard eyes at the back make the frame commuter-ready, but forget any future upgrades to disc brakes – there aren’t any mounts for them. The Aggressor is GT’s entry-level mountain bike, described as “everything the aspiring trail rider needs to be introduced into the sport of mountain biking” but with a nod towards round-town use too. Whether it does is debatable, but it does do away with the often-troublesome final loop of cable to the mech. You can unsubscribe at any time. While it may be less immediately welcoming to beginner-level riders, the Aggressor’s longer cockpit won’t prove a hindrance as their experience builds. We rode it uncompromisingly hard through all our favourite techy singletrack and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it – which is remarkable for the £200 price tag. There’s undeniable logic to the short design approach, especially in anticipation of urban commuter use, but if you’re looking to get into riding off-road then the GT Aggressor is a very appropriate choice for the money. Daily Deals . The wheel package is noteworthy for its light weight. Ben-Nelly (1 review written). We’re not sold on the benefits of the MegaRange cassette, though, which has six close gears, then a big jump to the bottom ‘bail-out’ one. Advice. Top Marks For GT XC2 Click here if this is your business. Value for money While GT’s more expensive models have hydroforming, curved tubes and interesting dropout details, the 6061 aluminium Aggressor frame keeps it simple. Price. 82% of users recommend this Click here if this is your business. " The ring-reinforced head tube takes a conventional headset, cable routing goes for the shortest routes – rear brake and gear cables under the top tube, front gear cable down the down tube – and you get two sets of bottle bosses. We think this is a better approach to a beginner’s mountain bike than a very short, upright cockpit. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. Aggressor by name and a little bit aggressive by nature, GT’s budget offering is quite daringly racy for the price. GT Aggressor Expert Reviews. This bike is fantastic and i say that after 2yrs of ownership so i know the bike well,its handled absolutely everything ive thrown at it from road work to taming the forest tracks of Northumberland.When the terrain gets rough,unlock the adjustable forks and hang on to the oversize bars,the GT soaks it all up no problem.For the roads simply lock the forks and you've got a very capable road bike with 27 gears at your disposal,very good quality gears as well,the Shimano Deore Rapid Fire shifters make gear changes simple,one click of the lever and they jump instantly into position.The GTXC2 is light as well,12.7kg so its easy throw about when needed through tight twisty trails.The bike has been used for work and not as a toy,its,had a hard life but still rides great despite it showing a few battle scars,my mate who accompanies me on most of my rides has had to replace various components on his more expensive Scott MTB tackling the same terrain as my GTXC2,he's already decided he will be replacing the Scott with a GT when the time comes,if your considering this bike,don't hesitate,get one,they're fantastic bikes. " Advice View all Advice Fitness & Training ... GT Aggressor 3.0 review. It’s more visual trademark than ride-enhancing engineering, but few bikes are as instantly recognisable as a GT hardtail. They’re 32-spoke rather than 36, which doesn’t save a huge amount of weight but tells you something about GT’s priorities here. You can expect the latest news and features, in-depth reviews from our expert team of testers, impartial buying advice, how-to tips and plenty more. Key Features. I was looking at the Aggressor Pro from Dicks because I can get it for $300 and figured I'd slowly upgrade some stuff when funds allowed but keep reading some bad reviews. The frame isn’t the usual harsh abusive nail you get for a couple of hundred quid, either. Cons: Forks and Pedals leave more to be wanted. The seatpost is a skinny 27.2mm unit, which delivers a bit of useful give to the back end. We’re don’t like the MegaRange cassette, but that’s a minor niggle, and there’s no denying that a 26/34T bottom gear is a useful thing on a bike pitched at novices. Rode some sweet local trails and quickly realized a few things that need attention, (grips, gloves, pedals, mud guards, forks, etc...), but the main complaint … Read Ben-Nelly's review of the GT Aggressor Mountain Bike, 1 of 55 GT Aggressor reviews, & compare with other Mountain Bikes at Review Centre. Pro Bikes . 2018 GT Aggressor Pro Questions Purchased the GT Aggressor from Dicks for $300 no tax. It has a wide-ranging 3x7 Shimano drivetrain with mechanical disc brakes. BikeRadar provides the world's best riding advice. GT Aggressor Expert 29" Mountain Bike 2021 - Hardtail MTB Reviews. Bicycle returned after just 3 weeks of ownership. The Kenda tyres have a tread pattern that mixes worthwhile side knobbles with a continuous line of blocks down the middle, keeping them reasonably fast-rolling but not too sketchy in the corners. A relatively short back end, sturdy frame and stretched ride position despatches climbs with an ease not commonly associated with lower-priced bikes. GT Aggressor Review 2020. 4.98 . Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, The best £200 real mountain bike we've ridden yet, GBP £699.00 RRP You have to be a bit careful with the slippery centre ridge tyres, but the infectious ‘can do’ character of the bike makes them a challenge not a curse.