And only literally probably two minutes before Marv actually smashed into the side of the building and totaled it, five children were evacuated hurriedly out of the building, because they heard that this bulldozer was coming, probably to the town hall. Cody Docheff tried to stop the assault on the concrete plant with wheel-tractor scraper, but the heavy equipment was merely pushed aside by the armored bulldozer. The armored bulldozer preparing to rip through a building During his rampage, he managed to destroy a local bank, his former business, hardware store, the town hall, the police department building, the home of Granby’s deceased former mayor, the town’s library, local newspaper office, former judge’s home, and an enormous amount of cars. On June 4, 2004, Marvin Heemeyer went on a rampage through the town of Granby in bulldozer he reinforced with steel plates. In total, he did about $7 million worth of damage. The damage amounted to $7 million, but amazingly no one was killed during the rampage. The damage from small arms and the extra weight of the armor were taking a toll on the vehicle, however. Despite the great damage to property, no one besides Heemeyer was killed, much credit to the emergency staffs who were nimble at alerting residents of the affected buildings and property owners of the beckoning rampage due to the resistance of the bulldozer to firearms.. A crowd of onlookers watches as a makeshift armored bulldozer is loaded onto a tractor-trailer after being extracted from the rubble of a warehouse in Granby, Colo., Saturday afternoon, June 5, … The radiator had sprung a leak, and the Killdozer was losing horsepower. Casey Farrell, the owner of a hardware store that was destroyed by Heemeyer, ... 2004, Bulldozer Attack in Granby. And the sheriff’s department cannot do anything to stop the raging monster. As the fatigued machine crashed through the wall of the hardware store the floor beneath the beast broke, and the front end of the bulldozer fell into a shallow basement. The Granby Library was located in the basement of the Granby Town Hall.