Gladiator wrecks Superman, Hulk holds his own against Juggernaut, Gladiator comes to help Hulk and they proceed to destroy Cain. good fight, two of my most favorite characters. I really don't buy that. Much, much different. What do you think of the answers? Oh yea I'm sure everyone saw the spoof of that on the net right? With BFR Glads wins, without BFR then Probably Cain. Gladiator may have sent Juggernaut flying in a cartoon but as far as canonically Juggernaut wins hands down. Gladiator uses the same strength he used to destroy planets he will knock the juggernaut out just like onslaught did. Because Gladiator is able to lose his confidence and thus lose his strength, but Juggernaut can't because of the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, which gave him his power. didnt Gladiator win a fight against Hyperion ? Basically, I think that Juggy would 'win'. X-MEN - Juggernaut Vs Gladiator (BADASS) - video dailymotion Gladiator owes juggernaut always !! Idk if it will actually lose confidence or just annoy him... but due to Juggs key true invulnerability it will be a stalemate. Superman will drop Gladiator ;100% confidence or not..Now Hulk vs Juggernaut ; well that's an interesting dogfight right there. He eventually solos. They spent a whole issue fighting and Juggernaut came out on top. Because Gladiator is able to lose his confidence and thus lose his strength, but Juggernaut can't because of the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, which gave him his power. Has anyone here read Doom Patrol vol.1 #114? He is weak against mental attack. Juggernaut is invulnerable to physical damage when fighting on his normal levels. On the other hand, I will take Anvil, so every bit of block will be good for my hp + mana sustain, and more reflet when block, so blocking spells would help a lot. @hellionvulcan@cable_extreme@cosmicallyaware1, @dondave@theacidskull@stupid_people@thor_parker82, @rogueshadow@serrure@wolverine08@lowlaville, @nighthunder@patrat18@cable_extreme@cadencev2, @green_skaar @theamazingimmortalman@homicidalmaniac, @godtriggerhulk@thitiki@thedailybagel@hulkage, @hellionvulcan@cosmicallyaware1@serrure@killemall, @allstarsuperman@lvenger@dondave@rbt@dccomicsrule2011, @buttersdaman000@comicstooge@risingbean@frozen@comicace3, @pokeysteve@ancient_0f_days@god_spawn@matchesmalone21, @theamazingimmortalman@lowlaville@patrat18@tomlikesfries, @zeroplus@thitiki@demonknights@ssj_god@darkseid1006. We've seen depowered Cain tank multiple hits from an enraged Hyperion without buckling, tank multiple hits from WWH without showing any sign of damage, and get uppercutted into the asteroid belt by Skaar and his only reaction being one of annoyance. Or does she have a moral code of not killing anyone? What was your favorite cartoon  growing up?, Classic Juggernaut > Gladiator > Current Juggernaut, classic jugs> or equal to gladiator>>>>>>>>current, unless he becomes full blown juggs again which i could see happening in the next issue. Juggernaut is the most important factor here. There's only been two out of 4 fair fights between the two where Cain was hurt, and one of them was off panel and didn't make much sense in context. Cain was planning to ambush Hulk when Prof X, Jean Grey and Cyclops put the double mental whammy (and an optic blast for good measure) on Cain. No character in comics is COMPLETELY invulnerable. gladiator's power''s work like GL's ring iinn DC. I dont know who would win, gladiator with his pre crisis strength or juggernaut with his very high durability. if he believes he can beat juggie, he can but he must believe he can first. Juggernaut is durable, but he's not invunrable. How is they going to hurt Juggernaut? Juggernaut has the best durability here, the match ups will most likely be Hulk vs Juggs and Gladiator vs Superman. 2 out of 4 isn't most. In fact they most certainly aren't. @thedailybagel I don't think those two showings are consistent with Cain's durability feats even if one does take them at face value. A confident Gladiator is definitely stronger than Classic Juggernaut. Idk if his confidence will get effected becuas ehe willl be juts like. Gladiator won't lose confidence. I seriously disagree with how you view the fight. Juggernaut is more durable than Gladiator. Onslaught. Death seed sentry destroys them via reality speedblitz. Did they ever fight in the comics and if yes, what happened? And both can take on supes in this scenario. No, not like that. He had Prof X and Jean Grey get involved, Prof Hulk had been beat up and put under mind control, a psychic backlash after fighting that off knocked out Cain. Now stupid please prove me wrong. Otherwise it's psionics, BFR or bust. Or someone just gives up because the battle will seem useless. It might be a stalemate if Gladiator played keep away and just flew around. Granted I haven't read anything with Juggernaut in the past 10 years but from what I remember, he has incredible durability but has never shown the strength to take down Hulk and Gladiator together. The two have never met but gladiator would just toss Juggernaut around like a rag doll. Gladiator; he beasted on Juggernaut in that one episode. Juggernaut cant stand up to powerful cosmic beings like SUPERMAN, SILVER SUFFER, GLADIATOR I don't care how magic he is... ha ha. Juggernaut isn't completely invulnerable. (like Spider-Man or Superman).? ?And why is Hulk considered better than Juggs?? @killerwasp: no no no, that's what happens to you. Universo Marvel - X-Men (Juggernaut vs Gladiator) - YouTube He could easily hit Juggernaut thousands of times without ever being hit if he actually wanted to. 8 DEC 08, 1847 hrs, GMT. Gladiator beats Superman and even if Juggernaut manages to take down Hulk(which personally I don't see happening) he could not really touch or hurt Gladiator. Standard Hulk ( as in not amped by Celestial tech) has never beaten Cain on his own. Juggernaut wins because of his endless endurance. A page or so later cain gets back up to fight but the writer confirmed that he was temporarily knocked out. he can destroy entire planets!!! Against physical attacks? Without bfr I dont think glad could drop juggernaut but gladiator is also invulnerable and depending on his confendence he could also become unstoppable himself. Since BFR isn't an option, Gladiator can at best stalemate by keeping out of range. I know Hulk has beaten him before but inconsistencies happens. If so, are Mr. Kurt and Mr. Stokes homosexual. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Gladiator can´t do much to Juggs either, their only chance is BFR, which is not allowed in this battle. Gladiator beats Superman, Juggernaut beats Hulk. Jugg is about reducing incoming damage (mostly physical) gladiator is about avoiding incoming damage (everything except for damage over time not caused by hits) Under a simulation of large incoming hits gladaitor would reduce more overall damage. Actually, Cain got thrown into the mountain. Does Black Canary kill in DC comics? Hulk and Glads, both have knocked around juggs in the past. @thedailybagel: I become the juggernaut? He is weak against mental attack. Gladiator beats Superman, Juggernaut beats Hulk. I know BFR is not an option, but Gladiator has fought Juggernaut before and threw him pretty far(not positive how far but definitely in the 100's of miles). Why is it that rouge can knock gladiator on his butt, but dosent flich when juggs hits him in the bread basket? juggs hits will hurt Glades has taken much worse from far greater. Isn't it confusing to have 2 Superboys at the same time, Jonathan Kent and Conner Kent? Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. @thor_parker82: hulk was pulling his punches in the entire event and only BFRed him because their fight was tearing the mansion down, even then he managed to stop juggs (confirmed by the writer) and dented his helmet. @juiceboks: cains durability Is all over the place, one second he tanks mjolnir like nothing (mainly due to his forcefield that he doesn't have anymore) whereas in the majority of his and hulks fights he gets beaten up. Feats and their history suggest hulk would win. Against physical attacks? Thanos interferes and they fight to a stand still in pure slugfest. He'll just get his head mashed into the Earth. Thor had to magically make him vulnerable to harm to hurt him, and even then didn't win short of BFR. If not getting knocked unconscious first that is. OP says It's hand to hand only and speed is equalized in this fight so he'll be getting hit about as often as he hits. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. That is one battle of attrition Kallark isn't winning. If he's nerfed (like when he was a Thunderbolt), maybe. They fought a time or so after, but amps are involved. What is your favorite attack in dragon ball z? Although I agree gladiator would beat superman. Standard Hulk ( as in not amped by Celestial tech) has never beaten Cain on his own. Not to mention hulks knocked him out before (off panel but confirmed by the writer) and has seriously hurt him on two occasions. (Sue used her invisible force field to protect Reed.). Cain got knocked out of the area and didn't bother coming back against WWH. And he is considerably faster both in travel and reaction speed than Juggernaut.