Until the 1940s, classical guitar strings were made using the intestines of cows or sheep. How Often Should Guitar Strings be Changed? Light Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings, Savarez Corum New Cristal classical guitar string set, Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings from D’Addario, Augustine Gold Label classical guitar strings, Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas for Musicians, The Music and Audio Gear You Need for Your House Party, Make Changing the strings on your acoustic guitar doesn't always have to occur when one is broken. In most cases their strings are not interchangeable. These Fender guitar strings allow you to get the most possible sound and volume out of your acoustic guitar. Tension is a cause for much debate among classical guitarists. Categories, More Ways to I was wondering what string gauge would be ideal for a shortscale Fender Mustang. Some manufacturers polish roundwound strings to flatten the top of the winding, resulting in a smoother feel and less finger noise. Most acoustic guitars ship with light or medium gauge strings, which are also known as 12s or 13s. Have fun experimenting with your gauging and remember the potential impact the gauge change can have on the set up of your instrument. Perennial bestsellers at Musician’s Friend, D'Addario Phosphor Bronze strings get great reviews for both their tone and playability. Popular with folk guitarists. Check out our comprehensive Electric Guitar String Buying Guide. On the other hand, lighter gauges will provide more emphasis to treble notes and can help bring out subtle picking and strumming techniques. For simplicity's sake, we recommend continuing the use of light gauge strings. This website uses cookies. Transparancy Act, allow easier bending of notes and fretting, are prone to cause fret buzzing, especially on guitars with low action, exert less tension on the guitar neck and are a safe choice for vintage guitars, require more finger pressure to fret and bend notes, Easier fretting, especially on guitars with a higher action, Less pronounced attack with more note “body”, Greater tendency to cause buzzing on frets, Usually strikes a balance between the characteristics of Low and High Tension strings, More difficult fretting, especially on guitars with high action, More pronounced attack with less note “body”, May cause issues with necks, bridges, and top bracing on fragile instruments. Whether you play a steel-string acoustic or nylon-strung classical guitar, you'll find a huge assortment of strings to choose from at Musician's Friend. Clear Nylon: Most popular, they’re made of clear nylon monofilament in note-specific gauges and known for their richness and clarity. A few nylon strings have ball ends that are preferred by some folk guitarists. The first basic distinction to make is the difference between classical and flamenco guitars fitted with nylon strings versus steel string acoustics—the type associated with rock, folk, country, and blues. Other acoustic string variations include polymer-coated strings which offer longer life (typically with a brightness/sustain trade-off) and those with silk wraps on the ball ends of the strings that reduce wear and tear on the guitars bridge, end plate, saddle and pins. Orders placed before 5 p.m. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut standard for these ratings, so a certain amount of experimentation among different string brands may be necessary to find what works for you. Roundwound strings are by far the most popular and common winding method found on classical guitar bass strings. The Musician's Friend Team is dedicated to delivering musical instrument and pro audio industry news, performances, interviews, product reviews and more. Consult a qualified repair technician with questions. From the company that first introduced nylon strings, Augustine Gold Label classical guitar strings have crisp treble response and mellow bass tone. Note that classical guitar strings are also designated according to their tension. If you're making a change, visit a qualified technician, who will widen the slots to suit, or replace the nut entirely. Getting your guitar in tune and staying in tune is more challenging than usual. String vibrations are converted to an electrical signal with a small on-board preamp. usually ship the same business day. Switching string gauges can be done however, it can put unnecessary stress on the bridge, saddle, nut, and may require a truss rod adjustment for optimal playability. Keep a clean cloth handy and wipe down your strings after every playing session to prolong their life. { "siteName" : "/gc", "mobileAppSrcCode ... 2119 String Gauge Clear Facets.010 Gauge (2).011 Gauge (1).012 Gauge (2).028 Gauge (1) 16261 String Material Clear Facets. There's quite a range of scales – from extra-long six-string basses (35"), through Fender's famous Precision and Jazz models (34"), right down to Gibson's short-scale 30" SG models. Acoustic Guitar String Set Gauge Designations. Many players switching extreme string gauge forget that the slots on their instrument's nut have been cut to a specific width. A set of Light Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Guitar Strings have gauges that range between .012-.053 and a special polymer coating that greatly extends their life while producing bright, punchy tone. Complicating matters further, some packaged string sets mix and match tensions among the strings while only listing a single tension designation on the package. Bass String Gauges.045 G.065 D .080 A .100 E .130 B. First, using an electronic tuner, tune your instrument to pitch. Some Other String Maintenance Tips. Titanium: Brighter than traditional nylon with a smooth feel. You smoke or play your guitar in smoky environments. As a result it takes greater physical effort to fret and bend notes, with light strings the reverse is true. If you would like to disable cookies, please view “How do I manage cookies” in the Policy. If you’re not sure how heavy a gauge is safe for your guitar, consult the manufacturer, or in the case of vintage instruments, talk to a trusted guitar tech or luthier. purchase from Musician's Friend (electric or acoustic, New or Open Box) includes two years of There are a number of ways to effect the 'action' of your instrument. It should first be pointed out that calling them “nylon” strings is a bit misleading. Before we dive into the specific characteristics of various types of acoustic and classical guitar strings, let’s address the question of gauges since it applies to both types. Using steel strings on a guitar built for use with nylon strings can seriously damage it. There's an added dimension to choosing bass strings, because you'll need to match the string length to your instrument's scale (i.e. For simplicity's sake, we recommend continuing the use of light gauge strings. Some manufacturers refer to them as “silver” strings. Interviews & If most of your playing involves hard strumming, medium-gauge strings will likely be a better choice, though they may prove a little more challenging to new players’ fingers. Silver-Plated Copper: The silver plating offers a very smooth feel while the copper produces warm tone. If you're in doubt over the correct length to choose, speak to your local dealer.