The experience of moving abroad can be intense and frustrating. Language: The toughest challenge about living in a country, where you can’t speak the native tongue right away, is the barrier of communication. There are even Facebook groups that cater to the expat community. About the difficulties of living in a foreign country. When I face a problem, I think up of a solution in two ways. I think living abroad is a great opportunity for everyone as they experience and live many things that will serve you in life, form home to school is totally different form what you lived before, you’ll experience cultural clashes that might make you miss food, people, your land, but instead you will know new cultures, customs and traditions. Relocating abroad is, of course, made better by having your partner or family with you for the ride. Setting a regular time for a skype session or phone call will ease the distance and make for a better transition to life abroad. Well, you've come to the right place! These things will all give you some insight into the local culture and will help ease the feeling of not fitting in. Sometimes it is a hard thing to do due to the fact we are close-minded, Culture shock is an experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from their own. However, although that may be true there are other forms of culture shock such as changing jobs, moving to a new home, Moving from a place where we are so familiar with to the unknown is a terrifying feeling we could experience. I have a friend who is from the United States and because of his father’s work issues, he had problems making friends at school and understanding class topics, he had problems with the schedule and I think the biggest problem he had was moving around the city since it did not know where the places were and it got lost as well as I have big problems with food because in Mexico the food is stormy, I consider these to be two big problems. I was willingly opening myself up to the unexpected and embracing it. It’s like moving to a new high school in your senior year, CONFIDENCE is key! Personally I think culture shock and adjusting to the new foreign environment are the most difficult things.Even if you have a slight idea of how other people live in different countries it’s very different experiencing it first hand. I hope I can do it some day and be very brave! Hello there! As an Indian, living in Europe for the last 5 years, these were the hardest things for me: 1. Is sad, is probably have a lot of difficulties but the experience will be beautiful and unforgettable. Are their customs, traditions, and values unfamiliar to you? I’ve wanted to live abroad since I was a kid, and my dream came true in 2018 when my husband and I moved to London. She had an idea of japanese culture and their life style but when she actually experienced for herself it was very different. That’s the beauty in all of this, but also the tough part at the same time. It even comes with a multi-currency debit card. Back home, you could hide behind all the distractions: work, friends, family, and comforts. However, remaining isolated is not an option, and is a surefire way to make your experience miserable. Keep reminding yourself why you moved in the first place: to experience a new culture and learn how people live in other places. Hi, i m Sofia i dont know anyone person what live in a foreing country but i think the bigest problem for the people in others countrys is the new life a new house a new work and the most horrible make new friends(for my) y more dificult in other lenguage for my this persons are very brave. It will also benefit you in life and your career! Conquer your fears. As an expat, you can expect to face a lot of problems and challenges when you move. The biggest problems that a person can have while abroad are is that you do not know anyone in that country and if you have a problem you will not know who to ask for help because you do not know their language, that the language also in one of the great problems being abroad. Living in a different culture has a way of making you feel that way almost all the time. In time, you’ll learn that your way of doing things may not always be the best way or just the opposite. All Rights Reserved. One may experience withdrawal, homesickness, or a desire for old friends. A bit of effort will make a good impression on locals and help you to meet new people. I consider that before leaving, it would be a great idea to get acquainted with the language and so would to practice with native speakers. Not everyone adjusts the same way or faces the same struggles of moving to a new country. You’re throwing away that straight line and venturing to places you’d never reach without living abroad. The key thing is to put yourself out there. They require respect and some extra work to adapt to the workplace. You’re more alone more than you used to be, so that means you’re faced with your toughest critic far more often – yourself. So for those of you who plan to study overseas, here are five challenges of studying abroad to be prepared for when applying, transitioning to, and living in a new country.. 1. Getting to know new people in your new country is extremely important. Living abroad is definitely a huge challenge. And through our experiences, we hope to provide you with the confidence and steps to make those dreams a reality! Reason being we are familiar with the streets that we drive on, the houses around the neighborhood. Expats have to adjust to working in an unfamiliar culture. We are Erin and Erin. But sometimes you might not feel like it.