Fuck that ! Our company is based in Germany, so you will receive from us an invoice with German VAT and all necessary legal information. at Key-Copy.com. If the key is registered, you´ll find the number there. I have a very old lock, with a very old key. If you send us a request with pictures of your key, you will receive an offer with a purchase link. Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Our personnel works in clean and safe environment. Neither time required paperwork and both times it was about E15/key. Well it beats by a country mile the wink I got from the granny behind the counter at the bakers this morning. – € 2,95 per copy. Hello! Did you know that Key-Copy.com can copy almost all of your keys much cheaper than your local Locksmith? According to WHO and american CDC organisation, it is highly unlikely to catch the disease via received mail. I want to know where your hot baker is located at. Duplicate key costs only 4.50 euro and maximum 75.00 euro per copy. We regularly disinfect our working spaces and our machines. Brunnenstrasse 8 Is it Legal to Make a Duplicate Key for My Apartment? 2254 1st Ave . And if its not that hard, any suggestions where to get it done in Berlin (pref. As a general rule, any and all restrictions and regulations related to your tenancy must be included in your lease. Return All of The Keys. Max 75.00 euro per copy for special key types. Use a firm, plastic envelope or cardboard box. Here in Berlin they only grunt. Nothing is impossible for us! After that you have to send the original key per post. Older vehicles may just need a copy of the key without a chip. Purchase a blank 125khz key fob if you don’t have one already. Refunds are exclusive of shipping costs. The key I had copied has numbers stamped on it...It is for the front door of the building. A very quick and cheap way to copy keys. Our key duplicate are done from finest materials. Online request for key cutting 6 months warranty and money back guaranteed! However, there’s a limit to the type of keys … Proudly Australian owned and servicing Australia-wide via registered Australia Post. Enter a German delivery address and save up to 20 euros. Are you looking for a locksmith that can provide your business with large quantities of key copies? For this reason, the payment is made in euros and usually converted into your local currency. We duplicate all kinds of keys in person at our shop in Berlin or via post. Our prices are fixed and can’t be negotiated. We use all safety precautions like protective masks and gloves. Contact us, get a quote, send us your key and we’ll do the rest! Copying of keys for a rented apartment Sign in to follow this . I got all mine done at Mr Minit too, although it was rather expensive (EUR 8 -something for 1 key), and they never asked for any paperwork. Hi r/Berlin I know you are the most helpful and friendly subreddit that exists, maybe some of this will help now. Contact us now to see if yours can be too! Lots of spare keys up the odds that someone will break in. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Your shipment is often insured in this case. We duplicate all kinds of keys in person at our. We ship the key copies and your original keys back for free within Germany. Store in Berlin The price depends on the key type. At least in Bavaria they wink at the bakery. In this case, ask us for a special price! No mention was made of paperwork. Find a Kiosk. Is this true or am I just being neurotic based on minimal information? Post us your key with your order confirmation printout via registered or express post. Take your key to a hardware store if there's one close to you for convenience. Copycat Keys can help you copy your digital RFID Key Fob and Swipe Pass. I was late to collect my keys but he waited for me, and the keys fit perfectly in the house door and flat door. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our, We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. Would definitely recommend! nobody should do it, if its a secure key it cannot be done without their help cause its their decision whether they replace the locks or not ... sorry. The keys are sharp and can tear the envelope. We can’t duplicate some very complicated keys, old keys or digital keys. Then once you have one key which has no stamps you can get more cut from anywhere? We also use content and scripts from third parties that may use tracking technologies. Thanks to our advanced key cutting milling machines you can be sure that all key duplicates will be precise and will fit your lock. but I do know that my German neighbours told me I wouldn't be able to get copies without going through the owner. The bilingual subreddit for everything relating to Berlin, capital city of Germany. Just add this number to your contacts: I acknowledge that I must send my original key by mail and accept the terms and conditions (AGB) and privacy policy (Datenschutz.). Send us a price inquiry via contact form, whatsapp or telegram. Do want to learn more RFID and how we can help you copy your RFID key fob or swipe pass? Just use your smartphone! Have them made back in the UK. If the key says “Do Not Replicate,” then don’t copy it. Then once you have one key which has no stamps you can get more cut from anywhere. Ask Your Landlord. Check your lease to make sure you’re allowed to copy your key. Just enter a shipping address of your friend or neighbour. Use the form provided above to get your price per copy. Would recommend! Consult Your Lease. Haven’t tried it, dunno if it’ll work, but you get a trip to Poland out of it. We stand by our service. All you need is a picture of your key.