The effectiveness of this method of pest control exploits the cannibalistic and coprophagic tendencies of cockroaches. Good gel bait isn’t designed to kill on contact like a bug killer spray. Should that happen, they won’t touch it at all anymore and you’ll need to switch to a different brand. Bait placed in the open, away from a wall, is essentially non-effective because cockroaches are less likely to locate it. These easy-to-use, child-resistant baits need no activation. Cockroaches nestling together transfer insecticide to one another by touch. If you have chosen the bait gun option, then attached it now onto the tube in place of the plunger. Well, roach gel baits might be just the solution you have been searching for. Cockroach bait may consist of simple poisons, killing from direct feeding only, to the latest insecticides which use delayed transferred toxic action, which can reach a sufficiently high proportion of the cockroach population to achieve effective control in a short period of time. Fipronil is an extremely active molecule and is a potent disruptor of the insect central nervous system. Boric acid is harmful if taken in large quantities to humans, children and pets. To pack the hardest punch, apply gel bait close to areas... 3. It is similar in consistency to toothpaste. The active ingredient Fipronil .05% disrupts the insect central nervous system, leading to the cockroach’s death in 6 to 24 hours. Advion is the gel of choice used by the pest control professionals and exterminators to get the best results. If you don’t have experience using gel baits, give Advion and try and in a few months, you’ll find out for yourself why I think Advion is the best roach gel bait you can buy. Now that you have applied the roach gel bait in the prime areas of your home such as the kitchen and bathroom, all you have to do is wait for the roaches to start dying. Mortality rates caused by secondary transmission are higher for Fipronil bait than for Hydramethylnon bait. These can be placed in different locations around the house to stop the infestation. Yes, there are various types and kinds of roach gel bait available on the market. First they return to their harbourage area where they can then contaminate up to forty other roaches. How to Use Cockroach Gel Bait 1. Roach traps use an insecticide combined with a lure, which draws roaches to the bait via an enticing scent. [14] As such, it is more likely to come across cockroach feces (which look similar to black pepper) than actual cockroaches themselves. This gel targets all the main species of cockroach including the German, American, Australian, Smoky-Brown, Asian and Brown-Banded cockroaches. If you continue to use this site, we assume you accept. To control colonies the roach bait may contain the active ingredients Fipronil .05% or Hydramethylnon 2%. [11] A slow-acting poison is desirable, so they live long enough to return to the colony to share it with other cockroaches. Try to eliminate leaks or standing water which they may use to quench their thirst. Once you have cleaned and prepared your area, you are ready for step two: Now you need to take your tube of roach gel bait and unscrew the stopper then screw the tip or nozzle in place. Baits, gels and Insect Growth Regulators can be useful in many cases. Get yourself some roach gel bait as soon as possible and follow the steps described above. [8] After a single feeding, there are no immediate symptoms of poisoning, but within a few hours, the insects become lethargic and stop eating. For 25 years, Combat® has provided guaranteed solutions for roach; ant problems by targeting nests and colonies. Instead of tossing them out in the trash, save time and money by storing them for future use.