The natural enzyme is found in calves and used to curdle milk during cheese production. Other products on those shelves that are made with less environmental impact include foods containing soybeans, soybean oil and sunflower oil. Biotechnology scientists are working to isolate the specific proteins that trigger allergic reactions and modify the foods so as to eliminate the health risk. Feeding the world's growing population is a challenge as the best farmland is already in production. Think of the impact on the environment: the plants themselves will be taking carbon dioxide out of the air as they grow, while delivering products that do not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in their use or disposal. Leaders In Science, Advocacy, Media To Judge 2010 Biotech Humanitarian Award. Hundreds of millions of Africans rely on sorghum, one of the few crops that grow in arid conditions. Scientists are also modifying mustard plants to serve as "sentinel plants" that warn of chemical warfare agents or animal pathogens such as anthrax. Other biotech products eliminate pets' internal parasites; antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections and sedatives are used to calm animals during the administration of anesthesia. The result is that a significant percentage of each year’s 5,500,000 victims of stroke in the United States may have reduced disability if this treatment is given quickly. Many biochemicals are also used in the production of dyes, tanning agents, nylon and polyester, all of which are vital materials in the production of textiles for carpets, clothing and upholstery. Other biotechnology products would improve nutritional content. When you made coffee this morning, you probably didn't realize the filter was made with a biotechnology process that uses enzymes to bleach the paper, reducing the amount of chlorine and energy used in manufacturing. Not only does that improve farmers' bottom lines, but it also saves time - improving farmers' quality of life. And there's more to come ó biotechnology is one of the most research-intensive industries in the world, spending $20.4 billion on research and development in 2005. Who benefits? This is only one example of several fortified foods now in development. These enzymes can be added to water and sprayed at the site of attack. Give them a hug, and read on. Recently, a Danish company announced it had developed a plant that can be used to detect land mines by changing colors when its roots encounter a mine. Some diseases are more likely to strike the women in your family. You will find products made with canola oil that contains virtually no trans fats and comes from plants grown with fewer pesticide applications, thanks to biotechnology. Take a look on the shelves of your kitchen cabinets. Recombinant insulin is still saving lives today, and the next few years may bring inhaled forms of insulin and other new diabetes drugs that reduce the devastating impact of this disease. These benefits are just a small sampling of the enormous improvements brought by biotechnology over the past 50+ years, since James Watson and Francis Crick first described the DNA molecule. Heart disease is still a leading killer of adults, but its toll is dropping. DNA fingerprinting, a biotech process, has transformed criminal investigation and forensic medicine, as well as afforded significant advances in anthropology and wildlife management. The result is cleaner air, cleaner water and a cleaner planet for your children. For more than 20 years, the cheese you eat has been created with a biotech enzyme, chymosin. When you made coffee this morning, you probably didn't realize the filter was made with a biotechnology process that uses enzymes to bleach the paper, reducing the amount of chlorine and energy used in manufacturing. Even though biofuel is not as popular as it could be, the concept holds a lot of merit for … Production of Biological products such as hormones, protein, vitamins, vaccine etc. New fuels like biodiesel and ethanol are coming on the market. These oils are free of the trans fats that can raise cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. A growing percentage of cancer patients are surviving and returning to good health thanks to these breakthroughs. Children with food allergies are particularly vulnerable to anaphylactic shock, which results in about 125 deaths each year in the United States. In the future, many different consumer products will contain materials derived from bio-based feedstocks. Head to our home page to check out our fresh new look! Using biotechnology to make the enzyme results in more plentiful and purer supplies, while eliminating the need to use animals for this purpose. How many plastic products can you see right now? There are biotechnology benefits everywhere you look. To make animal products even safer in the future, biotech researchers are developing products to prevent animals from harboring the E. coli O157:H7 bacteria that cause more than 73,000 cases of illness each year in the United States. Any cheese in the 'fridge? Sometimes, biotechnology has the biggest impact in places you never notice. Military units and disaster responders face new and dangerous threats from biological and chemical agents.