Uber rides can be taken central location not much to walk to aside from restaurants around PV Mall. companies trying to sell you their investment products...they have billions to Nogales forms part of the larger Tucson-Nogales combined statistical area, with a total population of 1,027,683 as of the 2010 Census. Great community! Seniors make up 75% of the population in Green Valley, a top 40 retirement community in the U.S. Its tax burden is even lower than that of Sun City, at just 15.9%. Great schools , community, very family friendly. In the heart of Mohave County, Golden Valley is a quiet town but close enough to the cities of Kingman and Bullhead City to have everything the senior needs within a short drive. It has a tax burden of 17.6% and nearly five hospitals for every 1,000 residents, so the town comes in around the middle of the pack. This is our sixth time ranking the best places to retire in Arizona. Retirement area similar to Palm Springs but at a fraction of the cost, although a few single people and families do reside here. My husband is otr every 2 wks. and does being in a sense of community which can be harder to find nowadays. Distance to Closest Airport: 27 miles "advice" on retirement planning is provided by large financial Here Are The 9 Best Cities In Arizona To Retire In. Located in the western suburbs of Phoenix, this small community (less than 6000) has an increasing senior population and may be ideal for seniors looking to permanently relocate to Arizona. Will this opportunity last long...I don't think so, the area has too much to offer for persons seeking a more active lifestyle in the sunshine. The last time we skied was our honeymoon, 34 years ago. 9 out of 10 Surprise residents recommend Surprise to start a business. Median Rent: $736 Whether you're looking to join Arizona's Parrot Heads, love the sun, or just want to learn how to Shag, Arizona has you covered. However, traveling to nearby towns or to downtown Tucson is usually a necessity for people looking to switch up the places they go or the things they like to do. Catalina rests at the foothills of a beautiful mountain range, you can watch monsoon storms roll over the mountain tops, and the sunsets are to die for. There are also lots of opportunities to be outside with parks and green belts and lots of community members made good use of them. Paradise Valley is truly one of the most luxurious but also most expensive places to retire to in Arizona. T. To create our list of the best places in Arizona to retire, we first used Census data to find all places in the Grand Canyon State -- 435 cities and towns. We live in a secure community with 4 golf courses (average cost per round, 75 rounds a year, is around $30, no cart fee). The 10 Best Places to Retire 2016. There is one recreation center for every 1,000 residents, and Tucson is only half an hour away. Many of our towns here in Arizona are suitable for empty-nesters. The largest city of note is Prescott, nearly 60 miles away so there will be a bit of a drive if you want certain shopping options. I appreciate the police here. Yes. Current Resident: I've lived here in Green Valley, Arizona since 2006. In general, the civilians here are kind and helpful and the city overall is an easygoing place to be. East of the east valley and nearly 60 miles from Phoenix, the city of Florence situated along US Route 60 is gradually becoming a more popular destination with seniors. We've never been a victim of any crimes in this area, at least nothing except a fender bender. There are a few little shopping areas that definitely speak to a more Euro tone but they are pretty and have higher end shopping. There are not as many retiree specific amenities as some cities but there are plenty of parks and over 17 miles of local trails. Distance to Closest Airport: 92 miles This is the town that my children have grown up in and have gone to school in and now as adults choose to live here themselves. There seems to be a very low crime rate. Not so much conservative as one thought. There is also a lot of good places to shop and go out for dinner. What other cities should be added to the list? Traveling through the city is also fairly convenience as the city runs more North to South which allows people to make use of the 101 freeway fairly easily.