No problems! An enchantment to recur that will bring back your Archon. The only reason I haven’t ranked it even higher is the fail case of not sticking a creature when you need it, or your opponent being ready with the Stern Dismissal blowout. I adored Mogg Flunkies in this build. Remember that these uncommons will make the heart of your deck, so make sure you give them the respect they deserve! Ilysian Caryatid – Even though there will be plenty of mono-coloured decks going around, ramp and mana fixing of any kind is always appreciated. The Kraken's ability to win the game with its draw trigger rather than galumphing around is very good in these sorts of builds. If you have another dork cheap enough in your graveyard, you can bring it back to. It acts as a counterspell against removal and stays on as a permanent combat boost. These folks have you covered! I really enjoy this in-set combo! Heliod is in my humble opinion the best God to play in limited Theros: Beyond Death. How much mana is that? Ichthyomorphosis – This is closest thing to a blue removal spell that you are going to get. Final Death – There will be a point when you are facing down a God from your opponent and this spell will be the only one that will save you from certain destruction. This is one of the appeals of drafting a heavy-white deck. Instead, it’s at its absolute best in aggressive W/G Auras decks. Now remove a counter during your upkeep with Chisei. Turn three - Breach. Like the Serpent Warrior, I could easily finish with enough Flunkies and the Armodon to have them total around 10 my dorks, and then just blow people out with the beef. Here’s the best (and worst) White cards for Limited. You swing. The dream start of turn-2 Daxos, Blessed by the Sun into turn-3 Daybreak Chimera will win a lot of games. As the set wasn't aggro-y, they were available mid-pack (or later) often. You have a strong chance of finding Breach. Daybreak Chimera – There’s a good chance that you will be able to play this for 3 mana or less, and possibly as early as turn three. Here’s the best (and worst) White cards for Limited. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. Archonte des étoiles descendantes. The Rancor and Sire head back to your hand. The bonus comes in the permanent on the battlefield with could synergize with some devotion cards. Also note that their aura nature gives me additional synergies with cards like Rise to Glory. I… Part of the appeal is the flexibility. Here’s what we learned! However, I ranked Mire’s Grasp higher because of its combos with constellation, Heliod’s Pilgrim, and Hateful Eidolon. I always play my first copy, and would play two in an aggressive deck that was short on other removal. I’ll usually maindeck two, and might even play three if I got them, although by that point I’m no longer prioritizing them in the Draft. Note that this is my ranking for pack-one pick-one, and you should deviate from them later in the Draft based on your specific archetype and what your deck is missing. For example, you can sacrifice it to Auratog for a boost or to bounce back for another Shock with Drake Familiar. Now you can get out there with a head start, before you develop your own color preferences and pick orders. Once you've drawn a land and Library, drop it. Hello Moo Cow! Escape shows up in all five colors, but only black, red, and green receive common Escape creatures. Green is nearly as deep—you have a color pair with tons of quality creatures to choose from, complemented by a little bit of removal and card advantage. Sure, it's an obvious combo. Archonte de la grâce solaire . Hello Rancor, my old friend! So self-mill cards like Relentless Pursuit, Venomous Hierophant, and The Binding of the Titans can provide card advantage and dig you to your best threats. Thirst for Meaning is cheap, digs deep, and can even provide card advantage without too much trouble. On top of everything, this also fixes your colors and facilitates splashes! Alséide du don de vie. 3350 Fallowfield Road In particular, Warbriar Blessing and Iroas’s Blessing are “removal spell Auras” that often need to be played precombat, into your open mana. Meanwhile, what about actually drafting them? You could win by exiling three more cards each pass to make two 4/4s, and that's 2 4/4s, in each draw 7. You can build around the escape mechanic with Venomous Hierophant to fuel you. Here's that cycle below: As you can see, they have a lot of value with self-bouncing or self-flickering decks concepts. However, while it’s always solid, Ilysian Caryatid isn’t essential to the low-curve aggro decks like W/G Auras. You could easily have 10 Serpent and Armodons in one deck making it a fun turn three and four. Stern Dismissal is a perfect answer. Best Commons for Theros Beyond Death Draft. All right, and there we are! In a format heavily centered on Auras, a 1-mana bounce spell can be a huge blowout. I hope that you had fun looking at some cool combos and synergies from Theros: Beyond Death. To this point, I’ve never seen a R/B Draft deck turn out badly in Theros Beyond Death. Revoke Existence is great in Theros Beyond Death, with nearly half of the good creatures incidentally being enchantments. At single black, you can sometimes even splash this into your green decks. I really liked my favorite color combo in that set's draft, Gruul. You made a dork! Moss Viper – Simple creature that can trade up against anything attacking on the ground. Banishing Light Banishing Light is back and remains one of the best Limited […] Omen of the Sea – This card not only draws you a card, but allows you to scry 2 twice! Theros: Beyond Death's best and worst White commons and uncommons for Limited. Wow, big surprise that the first color combination Reid wants to talk about is Golgari!