I couldn’t be more excited for it to arrive!! This is just my experience, of course, and yours may vary. I’m new to polymer clay and used your articles re: pasta machines to make an informed purchase. I know the question was asked more than a year ago, but here is a link to a YouTube tutorial on how to take an Atlas pasta machine apart. Learn how your comment data is processed. No fluff. I chose to have my machine blue (of course) and raspberry to match the purple walls of my studio. By the way, you will still have to use a clamp to hold this to your table if you use a handle to crank the machine. Hi. I have a problem with my pasta machine, i’m using fimo polyclay and the clay always stick on the roller and come up with brittle and ripped clay after rolling it.. It has sharp edges built into it, so the clay stumbles on them and gets a little stuck, so the edges are creating a resistance so it leaves the much hated marks. Loosen them just enough so that you can pop the fenders out and remove.

It said that ‘ If you can’t find an older Atlas machine, then I would buy a new, modified Atlas from Mona.’. The reason the older Atlas machines are preferable is because the blades are all-metal and they tend to handle thinner sheets better. The most popular machine to make fresh home-made pasta. Some machines have 7 settings, some have 9. The company boasts that the term “Wellness” refers to the plastic blades eliminating metal shavings falling into your food. Then loosen (but do not remove) the nuts holding the machine together. Seondly, It leaves fairly large ridges at the bigger settings. Thanks so much!! What is the reason for this difference? I am in the UK and I was lucky enough to get an Atlas 150 Wellness machine for £1.00 from a garden party ‘thrift’ stall a couple of years ago, it had actually been marked up at £2.50 but nobody wanted it!

Now you can reach that area behind the blades. Their “cleanability” is identical. The ability to clean the blades quickly and easily takes this machine to a higher level. They will also leave the fenders off the machine unless you prefer to leave them on. These older Atlas machines have yellow plastic on the handle and clamp. I noticed that it’s happening because of the blade design. I want you to enjoy working with polymer clay and I’ll do what I can to make that happen! For now my Atlas is working out great for me. I sent my 1992’s Atlas to Mona to be Monafied and when I got it back it started to fail. Hello, i’m pretty new working with polyclay,. Can hardly find any reviews or accounts of people using Ampia for polymer clay but Atlas seems to be OOS everywhere in my country. The steel rollers can cause streaking on light-colored polymer clay (more about that here). $62.99 SHOP NOW. All clays and all thicknesses displayed scraping on the face of the sheet to an extent. Thanks again. I also think they seem to be more sturdy than the modern Atlas Wellness, with a smoother action. You can tell by turning one over. I may go back to using them, however, because they don’t have any scraping on the face of the sheet. Pasta machine are backbone of most the clay work we do and we really want one which suits us.

In addition to having the blades modified by Mona Kissel, there’s another service you can have done to your pasta machines. I Couldn’t thank you enough for writing this and helping me choosing the right machine. More comfortable than sitting on lumps of clay LOL. Worked fine for awhile and then the motor started coming off, the last time it actually started flipping itself over before I turn it off.

I think all of the machines have this issue (aside from ones made fundamentally differently, like the Lucy Clay Machines.) I have used (and abused) them so much, however, that the horizontal ridges are now showing at multiple settings.