Here are all the current list of obtained Legendary Staff. However, there are some Legendary Weapons that grant amazing engravings and fantastic boons. How to Obtain: Random drop from Mercenaries, Engraving: +20% damage to Rush Assassination. The Forgotten Isle is a Mysterious Site in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Because of this, you can either uncover him while traversing the world at large, or pinpoint his location by defeating all the cultists in this group. He drops Cursed Spear of Achilles (Legendary Spear). She drops Boots of the Fallen (Legendary Legs), and Astra's letter to Deianeira (Quest Item). Poseidon's Trident adds a good bonus to your Warrior & CRIT damage. Here are all the current list of obtained Legendary Spear. Check this page to learn how Weapons work in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and how to obtain every Legendary Weapon in the game. How to Obtain: Defeat Kleon the Everyman. It also provides a 20% chance to ignore half damage from enemy attacks. | Cookie Settings More weapons coming soon! Use it when positioned on roofs & mountain tops. The Vine Bow grants +11% Hunter Damage, +9% Damage with Bows on Distant Targets, +25% Hunter Damage but has -15% on your overall Armor. All Rights Reserved..All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. Once exposed, The Hydra can be found circling the waters in the far Southwest of the island of Messenia. How to Obtain: Kill the mercenary with the title: “The Smoldering”. Before long you’ll be wielding some of the most powerful and legendary weapons and armour found in all of Ancient Greece – the stuff that myths and legends are based on. Main Quest Complete Walkthrough Now Available! You need to go into the cave & search through the mines to find the legendary chest that holds this bow. For those with good luck, its unique engraving can make it a decent enough weapon. You can either kill them or knock them out & loot them. The Harpe of Perseus reduces the cooldown of your Abilities by 25%, an extremely useful perk to have in combat. It's a good passive weapon to have when you want to focus on bow damage in the game. The Hydra is the Sage who leads the Gods of the Aegean Sea, and can only be exposed by eliminating all the cultists of this group. Some legendary weapons are acquired by going through the story & completing certain points in the game. Cultists are assassination targets located around the world. This is a great bow to equip when focusing on damage over time & dealing poison-based damage attacks. Achilles's Bow grants +20% with Devastating Shot Ability - a very powerful ability that can deal 400-800% Hunter damage. You'll receive the Staff of Hermes Trismegisuts from Pythagoras in the Atlantis quest line. This heavy blunt weapon turns all your weapon damage into fire attacks - an effective way to deal damage over time. steropes's bow, heavy blunt i have found: Here are all the current list of obtained Legendary Heavy Bladed. They have the best statistics & unique engravings that grant you perks & boosts to abilities. This legendary heavy blunt weapon is hidden in a legendary chest in the Palace of Agamemnon in Argolis. It's effective for players who like to use Special Arrows when attacking enemies. Engraving: +20% damage with Devastating Shot ability, Engraving: +50% Chance to not Consume Special Arrows, How to Obtain: This is found inside a chest in the Andania Mine in Messenia, Engraving: +20% damage with Bull Rush ability. Use Ikaros to scan the mercenary if s/he is carrying this bow. The reason you can’t enter is that this area is tied to a side quest. The Cursed Gorgoneion was a xiphos which belonged to the Greek hero Perseus in the Isu Aletheia 's simulation of the Greek underworld. Arachne's Stingers turn your regular weapon damage into poison attacks. Herakles's Bow can be looted from a legendary chest in the Koinyra Fortress.