Potatoes are a versatile root vegetable and a staple food in many households. I know french fries are unhealthy either way, frying potatoes in oil is bad for you, so don't tell me that. Moderation is likely key. You use less oil to make them. After all, fries are potatoes that have been submerged in boiling oil and coated with salt. But they still carry more vitamin A and other micronutrients, giving them the nutritional edge. Which ones would you choose if they cost the same? Find out which options are healthy and why. A better choice is to bake frozen or homemade fries — regardless of what kind they are. Or you can get really creative and use them to make the crust of a quiche. If you’re making fries from scratch, you can reduce acrylamide formation by avoiding refrigerating potatoes, baking instead of frying, soaking potato slices in water for 15–30 minutes before cooking, and heating them just until golden, not brown (12, 13, 21, 22). We just need your email address to keep in touch. For baking, marinade with herbs or spices. Still, if you frequently eat fries, you may be more likely to develop heart disease risk factors, such as obesity and high blood pressure (24). Cooking food in a pressure cooker: Is it healthy or not? Still, many people’s diets fall short of meeting the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin A. 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French fries have come under increasing scrutiny due to new studies suggesting that higher intake may raise your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. This article explores how junk food affects your…. It's also a great source of vitamin B-6. As you can probably tell by now, neither kind of fries is substantially better. But did you know that fries can be a great source of nutrients? You can switch to baking instead, to make the dishes healthier for you and your family. Acrylamide is a potentially harmful compound discovered in 2002 in cooked, starchy foods — including fries. If you want to enjoy potato that’s truly different in nutritional profile, and quite possibly healthier too, go for baked potatoes. Oven-baked French Fries are healthier. The deep-fried method gives you French fries within minutes of cooking them, whereas the oven-baked take about 45 minutes before you can enjoy them. All opinions are those of The Cookful editorial team. French fries, samosas and onion rings offer little or no nutrition while putting you at a higher risk of health conditions. You can find out more-. This article reviews the nutrition of sweet potato and French fries, as well as their potential health effects. The addition of oil in frying adds to the calorie count of the food. Below you may grant your consent to processing of your personal data also for statistics and analysis of user behaviour. So if you are working with a 1,700 calorie diet, 10% of that would be 170 calories worth of saturated fat, which is an average of 18-19 grams a day. On the other hand, baking requires little or no added oil, thus does not cause any reaction in foods, making them healthier. Eat Healthy on a Budget – Explained in 60 Seconds, Healthy Breakfast – Explained in 60 Seconds, Calorie Counting – Advice from a Nutritionist with a Quiz, World Class Cyclists & Special Diets – Chris Froome. The potato shreds are fried in a hot skillet on both sides, like a pancake, so that the entire exterior is wonderfully crispy. Sign up and get our free Air Fryer Appetizers Ebook today! Why? I’ve given you recipes and directions for both types. We asked the experts. While sweet potato fries may be slightly healthier than French fries, neither is healthy if eaten in large amounts. Here are 11 foods to avoid when trying to lose weight. But even if you make #baked potatoes at home (that have a high glycemic index) they will still be very filling and satiating. Another is how healthy you want the fries to be. WeLoveCycling.com is an online magazine that brings you original stories, fresh videos and special reports from the wide world of cycling. How you prepare your food matters! To make them yourself, Goodson recommends cutting up a potato into fry-sized pieces (with the skin on! Overall, they carry more essential micronutrients at a similar calorie count of about 80 kcal. No, we really aren't kidding about this one. – #TheCookful, Instant Pot Southwestern Chicken and Rice Bowls. After all, both kinds are usually deep-fried and served in oversized portions. Also read. To give you an insight, here are the calorie counts of some baked and fried dishes.