While there are many ways to join two boards together in woodworking joinery, most woodworkers carry a respect and appreciation for the time-honored dovetail joint. Learn new woodworking techniques and tips from friendly master woodworkers. Stopped Sockets. https://www.wwgoa.com/video/dovetail-angle-explained-008836 You’ll need two router bits in order to make sliding dovetails. use a cutting gauge to define the shoulder as there is not nicker to In my case the measurement is 3/8″ and my drawer sides are 5/8″ thick. Make The Dovetail Slots First. If these ratios are new to you, don’t worry, they are explained clearly in this video, along with information on why the angle matters. Mark the positions on the fence. Just wondered what your philosophy was on angling the workpiece rather than the saw? I was going to use a 3/4″ bit when working with 3/4″ lumber. the depth of the blade, and this will need to be set with a hammer. Hi Tommy. Determine their width, using your best judgment, based on the... Know the angle of your bit. grinding the steel plate at the desired angle …, Note that the underside of the depth stop must be right Make one pass, rotate the board, and make another pass. Position the fence using the distance calculated in the previous step. one that works very well (pictorial here) sliding dovetail. I can’t be the only one not figuring this part out… So I do the sliding dovetail sides, front and back on my drawer, and dado a channel for the drawer bottom, how do I get the bottom in the dado when I assemble it? now on to the pin (female) section of the joint. First, to reduce the load on the dovetail bit, remove most of the waste with the spiral downcut bit. sliding dovetail, then remove the depth stop and plane to the lines. Angles range from 7° to 14°. It was while fiddling with the modification to the … however this was a problem I wished to solve. Anytime. Otherwise, remove the tenon and examine for burnish marks indicative of excess material (if the walls of the mortise or tenon are not properly flattened). I made my first sliding dovetails for my daughter’s class fundraiser project (bookcase). If the drawer side you’ll be cutting the tail into is already exactly 3/4″ thick, it’s mathematically possible to create the correct size tail, but takes extra caution, and it’s easy to mess it up. Remember that small changes in the fence have a large affect on the cut. I figured I could do the same with a simple addition to Clean up with a #140 skew block plane against an angled fence. You are going across the grain, so … When cutting any style of dovetail, it is important to use the correct dovetail angle so that the fruits of your labor will last for generations. Lightly sand the knife edge of the dovetail slot. A variation of the standard sliding dovetail is the tapered sliding dovetail. You’ll only be able to use sliding dovetails for drawers on which the front will overlay the sides of the opening. This allows a wide blade to be If you’ve got a router table, you can easily make a sliding dovetail and get many of the strength advantages a half-blind or through dovetail would provide. sided. This simply involved As a novice woodworker who has watched many of your video’s, i am delighted to find you have begun this concept. Paul never recommends doing this as you are not changing your body or mind to do so. I did not want to modify the Veritas depth stop, and so Further break up the waste material by sawing in between the two previous cuts – to make chopping of material in the next step easier. For more information about impact drivers check out the related impact driver product review. I am really pleased to hear that this is something you are doing with your son. Of perhaps greater importance is the tremendous strength provided by this joint, which is a function of its geometry, with particular emphasis on the dovetail angle. It is possible to add an angled subfence fence to the Small Plow to form the 1:6 angle. This website uses cookies to store information on your computer. angled to match the tail profile). Secure tenon piece in a perpendicular manner against the workbench, with the marked end grain facing upwards. The plane beds the blades at 45 degrees, Thank you for this tutorial! Veritas Small Plow Plane. Remove the waste material to reveal the rough shape of the tenon and its shoulders. But the concept works –Terry’s works One It is often used to attach shelves to the sides of a bookcase. I passed on your query to Paul and he said: There is always maintenance in a cut, you can’t simply let the saw flow, you are making minute adjustments the whole time. Sign up for premium membership and get access to our best woodworking videos and projects.