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In June, 2009 I hired Mercedes and she immediately started to impress the sales reps with her creative advertising solutions. She has in-depth knowledge of the print industry, and she is highly skilled in print and online advertising. She has always wanted to learn more and has made meaningful recommendations for training and software upgrades in order to increase her own productivity and deliver finished projects in a timely manner.

Please interpret this statement as my specific recommendation to hire Mercedes.

Kent Schmidt
Creative Director, Times News


Mercedes is easily one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve known. She goes beyond mere techmical skill; her designs are at once engaging and uniquely distinct. She is able to transform ordinary materials into designs that are fresh, compelling and professional.

In spite of her incredible talent, Mercedes is humble about her work. She is teachable, and in fact, shows great enthusiasm whens he learns something new.

She is very much a team player with her peers, anxious to help others when the need arises. Her cheerful, bubbly demeanor has brightened many a day for those of us who are privileged to work with her. I am certain that she will be a genuine “blue chip” asset to any organization with which she becomes associated. She has inspired me to become a better educator and designer.

Daryl Hunt
Graphic Design Instructor, CSI


I have known Mercedes for the past several years and fully endorse her abilities as a student, graphic designer, and employee. Mercedes has impeccable design skills and a very strong work ethic. She can always be counted on. If Mercedes commits to a deadline she will always meet it. If Mercedes sets out to do anything, she will do everything in her power to make it happen. When faced with challenges she will always rise to the occasion. She always does her best to answer questions on her own and is proactive about problem-solving.

She has always been an asset as a classmate, student, subcontract designer, and most importantly, a friend.

Laura Erickson
Graphic Design Instructor, CSI; Owner,


Mercedes is very motivated and passionate…she is also very savvy working with technology. In addition, Mercedes excels at written communication; she is a very good writer. She is always willing to help others and share her knowledge. Her approachability makes it easy for others to ask her for help.

Ryan J. Jund
Instructor of Information Technology, CSI


She is among the finest students I have met in my career. Mercedes’ intelligence and creativity are immediately evident. Mercedes is friendly and helpful, while maintaining a quiet and unassuming focus on the work at hand.

Mercedes is tough academically and she takes criticism well. I am impressed with how well she commits herself to the improvement of her skills and her ideas. I cannot imagine that we have a student more worthy of recognition, or more deserving of encouragement.

Bill West
Asst. Professor of Art


Mercedes has been an absolute pleasure to have as an intern. Her work has been of the utmost quality. She is a terrific person with a true gift for producing high-quality, creative work. I appreciate her ability to work independently, and take chances creatively.

Amy Lierman
Public Information Officer, South Central Public Health District